One is the first number and is indivisible. It symbolises yourself as an individual, a beginning. the first manifestation, something that is so basic and fundamental it cannot be divided. It represents the heavenly Father, the male, masculinity, power. One can divide into any number leaving that number unchanged. It therefore symbolises the power of spirit to enter into all things and yet not change their outer manifestation, as all manifestation has arisen from the one. That is, although each manifestation may be different in outer form yet one can enter each and not change it. Thus a hundred divided by one is still a hundred. One stands for the astrological sign Aries, and represents personality, ego or sense of individuality, pioneering abilities, and the head. It can also mean length or height. Although it is an odd number, and therefore masculine, it is sometimes shown as hermaphroditic due to its ability to go into all. See: Numbers.

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