Ooze Oozing

If something like water or mud is oozing out of somewhere, it suggests a leak, or an expression of something. The primeval ooze, mud that germinates new life, such as ideas and creativity. Such oozing mud carries the primeval powers of your body and the life process.

It can also indicate the mess of your own or someone else’s fears and emotions entering your experience in some way. It is similar to what we mean when we say, “What a mess.” See: Mud.

 Blood oozes sometimes in dreams and can suggest a loss of energy or a woman’s menstrual flow. Sometimes oozing is sometimes used in describing someone trying to get into your life or body, or trying to hide what they are up to. 

Example: Then the crazy man oozes through under the door jam. He is now a “small person.” I grab him by the throat and try to strangle him while I hold him up. I go out to the hall and throw him in the elevator. I yell at him not to come back!

Example: The pipe ran under the floor from the cellar in the house nest door. The pipe had an open connection hole level with the floor. It was from this the thick oily sewage oozed up. I realised someone next door had gone to the toilet and as their toilet or pipe was blocked in some way it caused the flow-back. I went next door to tell them to do something about the situation. On waking I thought I imagined the best resolution was one in which I screw on a sealing cap to the pipe. Then any backflow would go into the next-door cellar.

Example: Those children, wallowing in the mud beside the willows in the hot summer sun, had been performing an ancient and sacred rite, returning to the source of life and their beginnings under the sun.

These things help to explain the great importance of the anus to the psyche, and why the sexual fantasies of most children center on the anus rather than the vagina. Later, with more specific knowledge of their origins, children replace the image with the vagina, and a new series of sexual theories appears. Most patients deal with their birth fantasies at this level, and there is much dealing to be done before the simple animal facts can be accepted.

Faced with the vital, primitive conditions of birth, patients draw back in shock and revulsion. But they face them all the same, for there seems to be some instinctive reality demand made upon the evasive consciousness. Before they are through with a long therapy, most patients have experienced a remarkably accurate and harrowing recapitulation of what birth must be like. They discover that with civilized human beings it is still remarkably the same process that mare and colt, cow and calf, bitch and puppy endure.


Useful Questions and Hints:

What is oozing and what from?

How did I relate to it and with what feelings?

Did I manage to deal with it?

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