Often in dreams it is about personal security or fear of being ‘got at’ by someone chasing you. It also represent a barrier that someone else has put in place to stop you in some way. It is like someone saying ‘No’.  Or if it is your padlock, you are saying ‘No’. Difficulty opening it either as owner or not, shows how hard it is to overcome this ‘No’. See: Lock.

Sometimes it can represent an attempt to have sexual contact. It depends whether you are locked or unlocked.

 Example: I go to a locked doorway on the left of the building. The lock – padlock – is securing the top of the door, but by pushing very hard I forced entry through the bottom, the lock still in place. I cannot recollect why I entered, but now a man comes from another part of the building and catches me trespassing. He accuses me and I make all manner of excuses.

Example: A man chases me up the stairs to my boarding house apartment on the 4th floor. When I get inside, I put a big padlock on the door and pray that the clasp will hold if he starts pushing on the door.

 Useful Questions and Hints:

What is my dream showing me I have locked up?

Have I discovered what the key is to unlock myself?

Are my tension and depression signs of my locked position?

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