Pan the God

In dreams Pan depicts the natural in you unrestricted by modern social codes and rules, It is the wildness and even beauty found in woods and wild places. It may test you in a way that sees whether you want to live a life of civilised people, or a life in which nature rules.

Pan is also the god of natures creatures and they love and follow him. Though in  some minds he may typify licentiousness and sexual indulgence. See Girl in the Wood

Pan epitomises the forces of nature and instinct in you – those urges, fears and delights that are beyond the control of cultural or moral inhibitions. Things that were seen as natural and good in cultures such as the Greek and Roman were under Christian influence seen as sinful and against God. So Pan was then seen as a tempter, and inducer of sexual impulse, and Pan most likely was transformed into the Devil.

So we may still discover this mixture of allure and temptation in connection with Pan. He can call you to lose yourself in the beauty of nature, its animals, woodlands, and in the wondrous natural pull of sexual attraction.

See: devil under archetypes.

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