Party Social

Light heartedness; celebration; social relationship and how you deal with it; sexual or business opportunity. A desire for recognition or warmth.

Your feelings about groups; social skill or lack of it; social pleasure; search for partner.

 Example: ‘Then I was in a place where we were having a staff party. Not very big but people were sitting at tables eating in a party mood. I sat with my child, maybe youngest son, no one else at the table. I felt I didn’t wish to get involved with the others, the feeling I often get at parties, just alone in a crowd. I left with my son. Some young men tried to dissuade us but I pushed away from them.’ Simeon T.

Simeon finds that he does not have a love for groups. The dream shows this is a feelings that started in his childhood – his youngest son.

 Example: I dreamt I was with relatives and friends at a party in a restaurant. I become petrified with fear because a big wild cat, a lion perhaps, or a puma, sniffs round me, rubs against me and stares at me. I am 34 and although happily married I have difficulty with relationships. This dream has recurred for ten years.

The party represents her relationships with friendly people. The woman was anxious about her own uninhibited and unpredictable sexuality. The cat was untamed, and capable of expressing its natural feelings unpredictably. The dream showed the “cat” side of the woman’s nature doing no harm to her or others. It suggested she could relax and allow herself more freedom of expression. The dream recurred because she was stuck amid unnecessary fear and tension over her natural feelings.

Dreamer as the host of the party: Our relationship with the different aspects of self; exploring social relationships or our feelings about groups.

Dreamer as main guest, at birthday party: Wanting family or social acclaim and love, or feeling loved or valued.


Useful Questions and Hints:

Do I enjoy or loathe parties – if so why?

What do you feel about birthday parties?

Do I organise parties?

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