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These are usually about memories, wanting to be remembered or noticed. They also enable you to look at yourself in different ways. Photos are also used for many different reasons. They illustrate news; they show us what someone looks like; we use them sometimes almost like holy icons on an altar of family memories and links; they rekindle love or other feelings; they are used as sexual stimulation; they are almost like the presence of the dead.

Developing photos: Bringing to consciousness what was latent or unrealised before.

Looking at family photos: Realisation of past or present influences in your life. The activity of the family environment, mentally and emotionally.

Photo of yourself: Your self image at the moment, or you need to look at yourself or get an objective view.

Photographer: Indicates you are skilled in capturing memories, or experiencing and recording beauty or events. Seeing and experiencing the wonderful range of human life.

Photos that come to life: The living influence of past experience, and your continuing involvement in what the picture depicts. Something that you held as a thought is taking shape and becoming real.

Taking photos: Capturing a realisation; taking notice of something; remembering.

Useful questions:

Is this a memory or impression that I have forgotten, but is re-emerging?

Is the photo showing how I feel about a certain person?

What is this photo used for or illustrating in the dream?


-Ryan 2017-12-26 4:45:35

I dreamt I was in a vehicle and I saw bill Clinton with Hillary and also usher the singer in a vehicle and Justin Bieber came up to them to say hello. I tried to take my phone out fast to take a.picture and then uploaded it to Facebook to show people.

-Lela Rowe 2012-07-25 19:16:32

I was in the kitchen sat opposite Emma and Simon and had the cat on my lap. I started taking photographs of me and the cat and Emma said “that was a nice one” but I told her that I couldn’t use it because my fur was on end which meant the cat was digging her paws into me meaning that she didn’t like her home and this made me look bad. Simon Agreed. In the photograph I had ginger and white cats fur which was stood up on end and Jessy looked terrified but in the dream I did not have fur and the cat was not scared, she was peacefully laid on my lap, only in the photograph did I have fur and the cat looked scared.

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