Low, greedy, having no refinement. But due to the sow’s ability to suckle enormous numbers, may also symbolise sustenance of a material sort, or earthy motherhood. Pig headed is stubbornness. Generally represents sensuality, lost in material vices. Can sometimes mean the power of material experience.

Fertility; physical appetites; life directed only by physical needs; sensuality; ungoverned passion or appetites; uncleanness; untamed human nature. The sow represents giving of oneself and sustenance; procreative fertility; lack of spiritual directive. She can also depict a very physical sexuality.

Idioms: Pig in a poke; happy as a pig in shit; make a pig of yourself; pig in the middle; pigs might fly; pig headed.

Useful questions are:

Am I dealing with my physical appetites here?

Does my dream pig relate to ignorance of anything except physical needs and horizons?

Is fertility or sexuality shown in my dream?


-Dreamer 2017-07-10 14:08:44

I dreamed my partner had intercourse with a pig.
because her mother made her, so she would not fall pregnant, she would then wed a minister in the church and become his second wife, because no one else wanted to marry her.
what does this dream mean?

-Anna 2016-10-24 18:36:44

Hi Tony,

I dreamed that I found a baby pig who was alone without a mother and I didn’t dare to touch it to put it back into the outdoor place/confinement where it was held (but slipped through because it was so little) so I decided to rub my hands into earth and then put it back there so it wouldn’t smell like human and would be accepted by its mother again. It took a little force, but it worked. What could this mean?
and all the best,

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