Sexual energy or expression, or powerful activity. The piston is often an expression of explosive force or power, often of a mechanical or habitual way.

The piston can rise and fall, usually in a hole, that is why it is an image of sex, but it can also indicate what lifts you or takes you down like an elevator, indicating your shifts in awareness or feelings.

 Example: We went to what was his house, which was opposite where he actually lived. It had railings around a basement area. To get down Eddie stood on a large piston like column which acted as a lift. It went through a very narrow gap at street level and I wondered how I could get through especially as I was carrying a bottle of wine or champagne. There was also a shadowy man to my left. A young woman who at first appeared Chinese offered me a small ornamented cup of coffee. I took it and drank, offering her back the cup very courteously. She now appeared as a young English girl. She came straight to me and kissed me. It was very welcome and I held her and caressed her breasts. She then took her knickers off so we could make love. I was a bit taken aback at such speed but held her, though I made no attempt to make love.

Useful Questions and Hints:

Is there any mention of a relationship or sex in the dream?

Was the action mechanical or forceful?

Where any feelings in the dream – if so what where they?

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