It can suggest an artificial relationship or something that may block us from expressing what is real. If it is connected to the body it can be something artificial that was taken into you. Plastic things can also suggest cheap things that are not connecting us with life.

But in daily life many things are wrapped in plastic to preserve them, to keep their newness from being damaged and to make it easy to carry or transport them. So plastic can suggest a protective influence – depending on your dream.

Plastic can also indicate something that can be moulded, bent or stand being knocked about. Plasticity is the general property of all materials that are able to irreversibly deform without breaking, but may be associated with artificial.

Plastic is also often used to refer to plastic credit cards. So might be about your feelings of whether you have value in the world.

We often associate the word plastic with surgery – plastic surgery. If this is part of your dream it might relate to uncertainty about the image you have of yourself, or else attempts to rebuild yourself or your confidence. It is worth asking yourself whether you feel you are your body. Many people are certain their body is them. But which body, for the body is forever subject to change; the body in your mother’s womb; your baby body; the childhood body; the body of a young adult; the body of a mature adult or the ageing body? See Roots

 But one of the main associations we have is plastic refuse or rubbish sacks. In dreams this probably refers to the things such as parts of your experience and feelings you, or society, no longer feel is useful. Occasionally one discards, or considers as useless, some aspect of self, or ability, which is actually valuable. We must realise, however, that all thought and feeling are expressions of our inner energy. As such, while we discard an expression of the energy, we must not discard the energy lest it leave us empty and unsatisfied. This is why garbage, or compost, must be thought of as material capable of being used in a new form. Perhaps by burning it which releases it from its old form.

 Example: I am holding one of my plants, a Kalanchoe in a white plastic pot. I decide to propagate it by taking a leaf cutting and starting a new plant.

Example: My toddler was on the landing and he had red silk shorts on with plastic pants half pulled up over the shorts. I ask him how he got like that as he is too small to do it himself.

Example: I had a two hour session in the dentist chair again, today, and my head is not my own…….went shopping afterwards and couldn’t remember my plastic card number…..felt very stupid and wondered if Alzheimer’s was showing it’s ugly head or just that my nerves were shot to bits!  Must say the dentist is very good with me……one day it got too much emotionally for me and I had to tell him I was feeling very vulnerable and could cry at any moment. (I didn’t tell him that at one point I felt very angry and had a big urge to bite his hand and scream for blue murder; but under that was the vulnerability….he took it all in his stride and now watches for the white knuckles and checks that I’m OK.


Useful Questions and Hints:

Is the plastic connected with surgery, rubbish or things we find useful?

Do you refer to credit cards as plastic?

Were there any feelings about plastic in the dream?

See Being the Person or ThingQuestionsMagical Dream MachineBackground


-Olivia D'Souza 2017-01-21 17:42:39


I am wondering what your thoughts are regarding eating plastic in my dream and then regurgitating it out for a long time. The vomiting is especially incredible unpleasant; similar to vomiting up just dry bread. It seemed to last a lot longer time than the eating of the plastic in the dream.

Many thanks,


    -Tony Crisp 2017-01-22 10:41:17

    Hi – I am going to halt from answering your posts – the reason is that in so many of your post I give the same information to many people. That is because most posts do not realise the difference between dreaming and waking life. /it makes a great difference.

    So, most of what I put in answers is my attempt at explain what dreams are really about. It would help you to understand your dreams, if you would read – it would help me, and hopefully you too.


    Obviously plastic is something that you wouldn’t normally eat. But dreams say things exactly the same way – saying that you have been taking in stuff that you should not eat – either food or ideas and experience you swallow.

-Ying Tai Lung 2016-10-17 10:06:36

Everything in this reality has already happened in another one, i.e. another dimension. In other words, in order to stop wars to be manifested we must stop the wars inside of our psyche first.

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