The platypus is a creature that seems to bridge the gap between egg laying creatures and mammals that carry their unborn inside them. The platypus is a warm blooded mammal but lays eggs.

As far as dreaming about a platypus is concerned it depends on what you feel or think about the creature, for it is this that gives the real meanings of our dream. It is a creature that lives on land and also under water so like a duck it can look into what is hidden under the surface of life. And its ability to float and swim on the surface of water shows it can survive in the conscious mind.

But is useful to see what your feelings are about your dream platypus by using Being the Person or Thing

If you live in Australia you may have formed associations with the platypus, and in one state is their state symbol so may have associations with it as a symbol of the state.


Useful Questions and Hints:

Have I ever seen or handled a platypus?

What did I feel about the platypus in the dream?

Did I feel afraid or friendly?

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