Ones personal secrets or thoughts; self; sense of ownership or possession; vagina. Pockets, can also represent what we carry inside us – memories, skills.

A pocket can indicate memory; inner reserves of vitality, money, capabilities, tools, pen, etc

Hole in pocket: Fear of losing, or the realisation of losing important things, and a hole in trouser pockets could point to the sort of loss illustrated in the second example.

Front pocket: Front pockets near the sexual organs can in some way link with sexual feelings.

Trouser pocket: can refer to sexuality; your intimate space that you only allow certain people to enter. It can indicate the things you want handy, things you use or want to use often, things like personal items you love to have with you. Also medicines or herbs you keep ready in emergencies.

Example: I found a coat/jacket washed up on the beach. It looked very bedraggled. Then I looked inside and it was in better condition. With astonishment and pleasure I saw that the inside pocket was full of personal, interesting things. First to see was a pair of gloves.  

In this dream the jacket – a means of keeping warm and giving social signals – is rough on the outside, but with great interest once you look inside. That suggests the dreamer is considering how he appears to other people. It recognises his lack of formality but inner richness.

 Example: ‘I was in a headmaster’s study – no one I know. We were conversing when he suddenly held before my gaze a small head of a Buddha statue which looked as if it should fit onto something else. Immediately I recognised it as my own, and foolishly began to feel through my trouser pockets, perhaps to see if there was a hole there. I held my hand out for the head, to take it back into my possession, but with a smile the headmaster shook his head. I could not have it back yet, and to explain why he beckoned me to follow and led me to another room. We stood in the doorway and looked in. A large ornate bed was in the room with, I believe, a mirror above it. Suddenly it was like looking into the past. Scene after scene of sexual abandon, performed without love, commitment or any other feeling except the desire for pleasure, arose before me. I knew this was why I could not have the head of the Buddha, and also, more important, why I had lost it.’

Idioms: a pocket of resistance; be in somebody’s pocket; air pockets to form; deep pockets; emptying his pockets; in/out of pocket; pocket money; pocket ones pride; pocket books; burn a hole in ones pocket; dip into ones pocket; pocket extra change; pocket Hercules; pockets of experience; pocket their ball; air pockets to form; pocket Venus; line ones pocket; an odd pocket to be cleared up; I went through his pockets.


Useful Questions and Hints:

What do I like to keep in my pockets?

Was there something special in the pockets?

What sort of pocket was involved?

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