A warning that you might be taking in something that can harm you mentally, emotionally or physically. This might be in the form of words, thoughts or substances. Warning to avoid something; something that will not be good for us; attitudes, emotions or thoughts that can harm us; warning against business deal or relationship; possibly related to foods we are eating that are not suitable.

But thoughts such as jealousy and hate are deeply poisonous to our system. Also to constantly think you are ill and unloved are equally deadly.

And remember that we are all poisoners of the life in us if we eat adulterated foods produced in factories. Each time we eat such foods, such as white sugar, white flour  and white rice our body has to struggle to make it right – as with alcohol.

Poisoning someone else – this can easily be done by feeding them malicious gossip or suggestions. Or being poisoned by someone else is similar.

Thoughts without love are poison. Thought with love is peace.

Poisoned by a snake bite in a dream is not like in waking life. It is about fear of dying. In other words you are frightened of facing the great changes that can occur in your life as you face real growth. You old self will die as the new you emerges. See snake

Example: I was introduced to my wife’s brother in law’s brother. We talked for a while and parted. Afterwards I felt ill at ease and couldn’t relax. I suppose if I had used drink I wold have had a drink and forgotten about it. Being used to listen to my dreams  I thought I would investigate the feeling  like a dream. Quickly the words came to me, “It is him! He was trying to put me down because he wanted my wife.” As this thought came I could see it in action. It was all quite subtle so was not immediately observable, but he had made several remarks I could see influenced me. The next time we were together, my wife was present, and one of the first things he said was what a stupid hat I was wearing – said in such a way  to demean me. I turned to my wife and said, “Here he goes again.”

 Example: There are many sordid hurtful things done that I have forgiven myself for. Maybe some have even been more brutal in their own way. God knows I have enough poison in me. But I cannot forgive the time I hurt those eyes. I cannot forget, or forgive.

Example: But things will not be different even if we run away and start again. For we cannot run away from ourselves. We carry the poison about in our breath, in our words, the tone of voice, the way we sit and whatever thing we do. We have to start right in here, this very moment, this very situation, and wrestle with, change it, do something with it. And in the wrestle with the external some poison is let loose from us, some cleansing takes place, something happens. I don’t know, but we are not really wrestling with things outside, but with ourselves. And we do not change things but change ourselves.


Idioms: What’s your poison; poison ones mind; poison pen letter; avoid it like poison.


Useful Questions and Hints:

Did I see a label saying poison or did I take it?

Was it from a snake bite?

Am I scared of being poisoned?

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-Trinity 2017-04-26 4:45:21

I had a dream where I went to kiss someone close to me and they died, its like I was poisionous and im kinda curious as to what it means…

-Leigh 2012-05-29 8:42:32

Been having dreams that the same 3 guys are attacking me and one of them always pulls out a needle filled with stuff that with imobilize me and slowly kill me as I lay there paralyzed. He has always come to the point of sticking it in my back or neck but I always fight his hands away and pull it out before he can empty it into my body.
In the dream I just woke up from about 20min ago the same thing went onbut I was able to find where the poison came from, I saw that they were taaking the white venom or white blood from gremlin looking creatures.

I managed to fight the guys and went to the hall of my apartment where 2 possessed asian women were repeating the words “demon” over and over and slowly creepily trying to follow me, I went back to my suite and locked the door choosing to take the fire escape off the balcony.
I just had the same dream now. I don’t know what this stuff means, it’s very movie like and complex.

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