Your stance or position in life; the way you are relating to what is depicted in the rest of the dream – or the way you feel you are relating to it.

above What is superior or has a wider view or possibility than your present standpoint; sense of inferiority in relationship to what is above us; what we strive for.

If we are standing above or high up: Having a wider viewpoint; being intellectual; feeling superior or in a position of advantage.

Idioms: Above all; above and beyond; above asking; above oneself; above board; above ones station; risen above oneself. See: high; hill; mountain; flying.

 Useful Questions and Hints:

What are the abilities or achievements I feel good about?

What am I looking up to or reaching for?

What or who do I feel is above me?

adjacent/adjoining Suggests a strong connection with the dreamer, or what is wanted or being worked toward. For instance in Japan, rocks or trees that are close together are sometimes seen as married or linked. Dreams use the same sort of symbology to suggest a more than surface connection with someone or some aspect of life. There could also be the suggestion of confrontation or discovery – being near something in this case meaning that we can no longer escape meeting it, or it is near at hand in the sense of being discovered or experienced. The example below shows adjacent as depicting difficult feelings near at hand that the dreamer meets.

 Example: I had a dream in which my best friend, her 4-year-old daughter, and myself were staying in this huge old, Victorian style house. My friend put her daughter to bed in another room, and we went in the adjoining room to watch a movie. My friend fell asleep and then all of the sudden, her daughter came screaming into the room, covered in blood. I didn’t actually see what happened, but I knew instantly that a crocodile had attacked her and bitten her legs off. I tried waking up her mother and I was holding her (the child) in my arms and crying. Then I woke up. The dream was so realistic, and when I awoke I was covered in sweat and shaking really bad. The dream upset me so much that I didn’t tell anyone about it. A week later, I found out two other friends had dreams in which this little girl was also attacked by a crocodile. What could this possibly mean? A.R.E. dream.

The dream suggests a close and perhaps psychic connection with the girl and her mother. See Possession

Useful Questions and Hints:

What or who am I feeling connected to or near at this time?

What is the influence of this connection?

behind The past; what you have chosen to or want to forget – left behind; what one is unaware of – as talk behind ones back; what has been learned or dealt with.

People behind dreamer: taking the lead in relationships; being decisive.

Idioms: Behind the scenes; behind the time; fall behind; put something behind me.

below Something you feel is ‘beneath you’; what is ‘below’ in the body – so the non intellectual or sexual aspects of self; something one can now look back on from a detached viewpoint. If below something else – see above.

Idioms: Beneath my contempt; It’s below my standards.

beside See: adjacent/adjoining above.

close Intimacy; being made aware of or having a fuller awareness of something or someone; what one feels connected with or has ties with; near to, in the sense of making a decision – near to leaving home; close to, as ‘close to finding the solution’; a situation that is near at hand or being confronted or realised now.

Idioms: At close quarters; close fisted; close on; close to home; that was close.

distant Barely conscious of; a long time off; something one does not identify with strongly.

in-front The future; what is seen and understood; what is being confronted.

Lying down or prostrate If Injured shows a possible psychological situation  that has ‘floored you’. If resting you have given up your persona efforts, making way for new ideas or impulses to arrive. If in prostration it shows that you have recognised something bigger, more advanced or powerful than your personality, so you are opening yourself for something better to enter you.

Example: It was the Swami, whose photo I had seen at Exeter. He was sitting on the floor, as was everyone else, but in semi darkness, and partly covered in a coat or blanket. He looked at me, but seemed to sink into himself or the gloomy light. When I saw him I saluted him in complete prostrating, lying face down on the floor.

The interpretation he arrived at was that, “My love prostrated itself before the love of something holy. The love of what lifts ones spirit remains partly hidden, but through your surrender, this love will come to you.

opposite Meeting or ‘facing’ a situation; opposition or resistance to decided direction.

side Supportive feelings as ‘by ones side’; as well as; indication of choice as ‘what side are you on’ or ‘who’s on my side?’

Idioms: From all sides; let the side down; on every side; on the wrong side of thirty; on the right/wrong side; on the side; pass by on the other side; pick sides; put to one side; side by side; side with somebody; take sides; take to one side; the other side – death; safe side; bit on the side; seamy side. See: adjacent/adjoining above.

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