Power Lines

The power line is the descending energies that can transform you. If one lets go it suggest you are involved in fear of failure, of being hurt. The power line is also the humility before the tremendous Life energies that can flow through us. The turning to the power of Life in one and the descending power are the same. See: electricity.

There are also some interesting suggestions as to the meaning of how we relate to sp much power. The power lines are seen as descending Life energy or influence, and the difference can be understood by the duality is often shown to highlight the polar opposites inherent in human nature. Because if ones connection with inner influence is certain it leads to a positive relationship with the power being released or realised. If ones connection or attitudes are fixed on values that see no connection with the vast inner potential that you have, or are defending against realising it then the meeting with the power lines can be more difficult.

Low power lines: It depends on how capable you are to deal with the enormous power we all have as a potential. Obviously it could burn out any problems you have, or it could give you a tremendous boost to attain wider awareness.

 Example: We started to walk back towards the house and we both noticed that the power lines were slung very low to the ground about chest height to me. I knew there was a car coming up the road towards us and at the same time felt it was connected up with something to do with the power lines. I was feeling drawn towards touching them, knowing what would happen. Sure enough once I had hold of the power lines my body started to burn up. My body rose to the height of the house windows and I could hear the yells from my burning body, I thought it must be a hell of a shock for everyone looking on. H. C.

Example: I dreamed that huge trees were being cut down on my grandparent’s property. The people cutting the trees were from the power company cutting away from power lines. However, the trees were not in the way of power lines and they were not cutting branches. They cut the trees at the bottom of the trunk. I was enraged and screaming at them. I felt like I was witnessing murder and they were laughing about it.

The dream is a dramatisation of the enormous battle going on inside us and outside of the two opposing attitudes. The view that we are the masters of the Earth and can do what we like with it – and the view that we are part of a huge and wonderful web of Life and we are workers within the web. Our task is to enhance it and therefore our own lives.


Useful questions or hints:

How do you react to power or having power?

Does power frighten you, make you want to take control, or do you watch to see what is needed in the situation, read to respond in any way needed?

What way did the dream show you reacting?

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