Fear of falling, therefore feelings of insecurity or anxiety. Fear of failure, or if you are at the foot of the cliff or precipice, you are facing a difficulty in attaining your goal. But the precipice is also an opportunity to leap into the unknown or make a great change. Remember that in dreams you can fly, and never get hurt. So all you are facing is your fears, and they are holding you back from a new experience of yourself. So while awake, imagine jumping over the edge and flying, or seeing what is beyond. See: CliffFall.

 Example: I dreamt that I was at the top of a smooth top cliff, there were metal rails, that had a gap you could walk around, I had moved to the outside where I could look down at the sea, a really long drop, where I knew many people jump into the sea.

My niece Emma and Shane her husband were there, Emma pushed at the back of my head not to push me off but to encourage me to move. I decided to jump I experienced the jump, but then I realised that I had not got wet, saying to Emma my hairs not wet. How did that happen? Brenda B

In exploring her dream Brenda said: When working with Tony, he asked me to become Emma, to speak as her. I started by saying that as a child I had to stand on my own feet because of my parents. Also I had to find my own way in the world. That made me quite tough and I wouldn’t let anyone – especially men – get near me. I felt this made me different from a lot of other kids, and sometimes a bit pushy. I have a habit of jumping into things, which is why I nudged Brenda to take the jump.

I instantly felt as I spoke as her that she was a part of me, having to be independent at a young age, a tough armour, ready to react to anything, no support.

Dropping into the sea was me dropping into my unconscious which felt that I was in my element, a place that I could move freely.

In becoming Shane, there is a feeling of an ex military man, who has a sense of loss, who is putting on a brave front, keeping it all together on the outside, with a loss of family. For him family being army mates. I understood this refers to me, I feel the loss of what I thought my family role would be. It is good to be faced with that feeling as it has been around but not shown to me for a long time.

If at the top: Fear of failure; on the edge of losing confidence; loss of all security; choice of direction – toward safety or into extreme stress or fear; near to a leap into the unknown or great change.

Being at the top or edge of a precipice can also represent having the courage to look into the vastness, to realise the enormity of space. It can confront you with your own littleness, your own small beliefs because it is a confrontation with reality. Because of that it might be leading you to enlightenment.

If precipice drops into a void: Death; the unconscious or unknown. See void

If at bottom: Sense of insurmountable obstacle in life.


Useful questions and hints:

Where are you in relationship with the precipice?

Are you scared of it or is it enlightenment?

Have you jumped off it or ready to?

See EnlightenmentThere Is A Huge Change Happening –  Summing Up – Secrets of Power Dreaming


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I had a dream me and my boyfriend was driving on a rode.All of a sudden this baby put out of no where so I asked where did that babie come from and all he kept saying that everybody gone love him but the thing was I didn’t have the dream at night I woke up then went back to sleep then had the dream my brother has been dead for 3 months but his birthday played that morning for that lottery.

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