Dreams often present the puddle as some sort of obstacle in the way of where the person is going or driving. Sometimes puddles represent a wet and soulless place with rainclouds and down feelings. Or maybe a child’s memory of making a puddle on the floor.

But to the child’s mind puddles are often seen as things of delight the temptation to splash in them and see how deep they are – so would suggest childhood pleasure and curiosity, or danger of going in very deep.

 The puddle was deep enough for me to see a tree upside down in its world. I stood away from the edge in case I should fall in, scared because I was underneath the tree and face that looked back at me. It was a boy, with too dim a face for me to know him. And then I saw it – A bird floating deep down in that up place of the puddleworld.

And the bird flew away – With my breath.

So a puddle can also be a deep place in yourself to see things and explore your inner life.

 Example: Now, I am pedaling a bicycle, with Dwight riding on the back. We turn to the right and go past some construction. The road is muddy. We then go down a steep hill and are on the water’s edge, through a lot of muddy puddles. I wonder if I’m even going the right way, or if I shall have to turn back and backtrack.

Example: Now I’m seated on a toilet seat and peeing and no matter how hard I try to not let it leak out and get on the floor it goes down my leg and all over the floor. My father and my mother and an Aunt are in the tiny bathroom with me and my father is trying to fix the molding around the edge of the room and this yellow urine puddle is building. I am so embarrassed. I say, “I’m sorry. No matter how hard I try to keep it in the toilet, it leaks out.” They help clean it up and try to make light of it. “I’m not even sitting on my raised toilet seat,” I say, “and there is no reason why this is coming out.” I guess I waited too long before I went and had too much to release. It was an unstoppable flow.

Example: They are trying to find a special treasure. I see a mud puddle by a door to another part of the house. I feel in the water for the treasure. The water slowly drains away. I see some ceramic figures in the muddy bottom.

Example: Well this is really weird because me and my boyfriend went to bed last night and I was awoken by this dream ” we had sex and we was laying there and I looked down and seen I was laying in a very large puddle of blood, as I moved back a little there was a large chunk of meat laying in the puddle of blood it was smooth and slick almost looked like a kidney.” well when we both woke up this morning getting him ready for work I told him about this dream and he looked at me strange and said he dreamed the same thing. Both of us dreamed the same thing in the same night.

Useful questions or hints:

What part did the puddle play in my dream – an obstacle, puddle of medicine or blood, or a child’s memory?

Explore puddle to see what wonder or barrier it is for you.

What my memories of puddles?

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-veronica a calzada 2017-07-15 20:06:43

In my dream i was watching my grandson crawl and splas in a small puddle of water

-Sophie 2016-07-10 15:49:06

I dreamt I was carrying a box of puzzle pieces when I dropped them onto the floor. I went to pick them up, but they’d fallen into a puddle of water. That was the end of it. Short and frustrating.

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