Youth, heedlessness, spontaneous affection and enthusiasm. It often represent a child, or feelings about wanting a child, being pregnant with a child, even one of ones own children. Also vulnerability or dependent needs. Like any young animal, it can depict your need to care for or love something, or be loved.


-Yusiny 2016-04-09 20:57:25

In two separate nights i had dreams about a dog and healthy puppies. In a very nice dog house with bright enery saver bulbs installed. In boyh dreams i was helping the puppies to go abd nursr from their mothers. All the puppies looked happy n joyous.

-Yodie 2016-04-01 13:19:32

I had a dream that my mom asked me to give my puppy a bath so I filled the sink with a little water and bubbles. Then I stepped away from one second for something and when I came back my puppy was dead in a white box. He was covered in white bubbles. I attempted to press on his chest but they said he was dead… I woke up after that.
My mother has adopted two puppies and I am in hope for a baby it might sound ignorant but it feels right. Also let me add that my great grandmother passed away Wednesday to give a little back story.

-April Rose 2016-03-05 16:38:38

I just had a dream about owning two pets and there’s something about the dream that left me worried, sad and really bothered.

The first pet was a white puppy with blue eyes and that has very few tawny spots that I took from a laboratory, from two doctors? Scientists? Telling me that itbwas dangerous and it was better to leave it to them… But even though the puppy physically healthy, its blue eyes were so clear, sad.. So haunting that made me feel so sad in my dream and after waking up feel so tired. I felt wanting to take care of it and so emotional. The doctors left me holding the pup and the next scene I can still remember is that I also have a pet kitten at home: white with also some tawny spots on the ears, and the two of them got along well. They didn’t fight, though they didn’t play with each other either. The kitten liked to run around actively, and sometimes cuddles with me. The kitten’s eyes were also blue, with a little bit of brown in them. The puppy was kind of weak or lethargic, but soon started running around, too and started becoming active. It jumps into my lap and rests there when I signal it to by tapping my lap. I loved to look at the puppy’s eyes, and I remember telling him repeatedly, “I hope you’ll grow old. I hope you’ll live long. Don’t die too early.” I always feel emotional whenever I remember the puppy.

I started thinking maybe there’s no big meaning behind this dream because of the really unusual, scifi backstoryinvolved in the dream. The setting seems too fictional, but the puppy won’t leave my mind and it just makes me feel emotional. It makes me feel like there’s something important behind these two pets because my dreams usually don’t have any memorable traits to them like colors, but this dream has two or three that really stood out: white, blue and light, tawny orange.

    -Anna - Tony's Assistant 2016-03-08 8:05:56

    Dear April Rose – Science fiction is concerned with how we got to be what we are, and what we might become. It explores possibilities and pushes boundaries. It asks the next question, and then the one after that; http://www.sfcenter.ku.edu/SF-Defined.htm
    So how can you apply that approach on your dream?
    Well, because you are everything in your dream – you are your own dream figure, the scientists, the puppy and the cat – you could explore what your inner scientist perceives as “dangerous” about the puppy; http://dreamhawk.com/dream-encyclopedia/acting-on-your-dream/#BeingPerson
    You could explore why your puppy is so sad and how you can release your sadness; http://dreamhawk.com/approaches-to-being/the-lifestream/#Open
    What I see in your puppy is that “she” may have been experimenting with ideas, urges or feelings that do not reflect the commonly held beliefs in the family (society) where you live or grew up.
    White animals can reflect urges and sexuality that have been accepted or integrated with conscious activities. This means urges that at one time you were in conflict with or anxious about, and have been transformed in urges and feelings that are acceptable parts of your present life. They become available and creative energy.
    You could explore if that is what your white puppy and white cat symbolise; http://dreamhawk.com/dream-encyclopedia/acting-on-your-dream/#BeingPerson
    You could explore if these baby pets are symbols for your maternal drive.
    “I loved to look at the puppy’s eyes, and I remember telling him repeatedly, “I hope you’ll grow old. I hope you’ll live long. Don’t die too early.” I always feel emotional whenever I remember the puppy.”
    You could explore what the fear off loss is about and how you can help your “inner puppy” grow old; http://dreamhawk.com/dream-encyclopedia/active-imagination-and-dreams/
    Anna 🙂

-Amy 2016-02-20 16:14:18

I dreamt that my boyfriend presented me with an adorable golden retriever puppy for us to take care of. The puppy was very playful but docile. We don’t currently live together, but in the dream we did and this is something I have been wanting for us. He is the one I want to share my life with. Could the golden fur symbolize something more?

-Christina marie quimque 2015-09-11 1:30:38

Hi i had a dream last night that my brother ask me to take the puppies to bath..i gave all the puppies a bathe they are all healthy and cute.. What does my dream means?

-Rebecca 2015-09-09 19:37:29

Hi Tony
I dreamt a cute puppy came to me and was climbing me leg for me to fuss it…..it was white with a black middle part of its face…..tail wagging and very happy…..but it was flea infested….I could see them all over its body and they were jumping off onto my legs……a lady from the dogs home came to collect it but I wanted to keep it…..what could this dream mean?
Thanks, Rebecca

    -Anna - Tony's Assistant 2015-09-19 8:24:16

    Dear Rebecca – The way I see your dream is that you get in touch with your vulnerable child self and the ways you use to get your fundamental needs met.
    What will be helpful to explore is if you feel that you can take care of these needs yourself now; do you feel you can meet your sexual, nutritional and body needs?
    I believe that we have two wills working in us, the Conscious will and the Life will; the last WILL takes care that your natural needs are met IF you dare to listen to it and this also means that you “undo”/get rid of what is withholding you to take care of yourself in a healthy, helpful way.
    See http://dreamhawk.com/dream-dictionary/core/
    Because your adult self in the dream is infested with fleas as well, I feel “a lady from the dog’s home” is a part of you that could help you release what is bothering you.
    One of the most important steps in this whole process is to ask yourself if you are willing to let go.
    It is important to realize that we all have resistances to letting go. In many ways we are attached to the very condition we say we don’t want. Holding on may be the source of what is bothering me, but at least it is familiar.
    See http://dreamhawk.com/news/avoiding-being-my-own-victim/http://dreamhawk.com/body-and-mind/letting-the-body-speak/
    Anna 🙂

-Jules 2015-03-25 15:10:31

I dreamt of seeing a small puppy who was very playful with me. Every time I called out to him, he would run to me. I woke up abruptly w/out remembering anything else…. 🙁

-Francesca 2015-01-07 16:41:48

I had a dream that my doggie had a beautiful little baby puppy which I was obsessed with as if it was my own. I would run around with it and then wrap it up in a blanket so it was nice and warm, but it was switching from a dog to a baby at this point!? What could this mean? I’m pregnant you see and I had a miscarriage this time last year so nervous next pregnancy. Perhaps it’s linked?

-Pradeep Pradhan 2014-09-17 1:14:57

Today I saw dad gifted me a white labrador puppy & puppy playing with me in dream on early morning.

-Johanne 2013-05-29 3:21:08

A wonderful dog leads me to a very sick, newborn puppy, in the verge of dying. I feel so overcome with sadness and a desperate need to help this little soul. It’s mother appears, so distressed about her puppy and exhausted after giving birth. I want to bring both to a hospital, they need help. When I pick up the puppy, it’s suddenly just bones, held together by ligaments only. But it is still alive. I hold the scalp and the spine, and gently rock it to soothe the puppy. A huge feeling of communication with the animals, feeling their pain, wanting to help, feeling of overwhelming love for them + sadness about the poor little very, very ill puppy. Now feeling a bit disturbed about the part, where it’s just the bones…

-Jas 2012-12-19 15:06:41

I’ve been having this re-occuring dream.My dog has 3 puppies, 2 of which always manage to freeze to death, and the other is just out exploring the house and yard. I wish I knew what it meant because it’s very disturbing, and sad.

-tigresstiff 2011-12-26 23:01:26

Hi Tony, I had a dream last night that is really getting to me. I feel there’s something here I’m just not figuring out that I would benefit by knowing. IN my dream, my little dog Cinnamon (whom is my most precious companion in waking life) wasn’t well so I took her to the vet, only to find out that she was pregnant and about to have puppies, prematurely. I was shocked because she is spayed. But, I was happy to welcome her little pups into our family. However, the 2 pups that were born were in jeopardy as they were quite small, and one had injured his head. It was so sad, he was so tiny and helpless. The other pup, a girl, was going to make it, she was ok. I was happy to have a continuation of Cinnamon, as she brings so much joy and comfort to my life with her little puppy smile and wagging tail. But I was so sad about her little boy pup. In the dream, Cinnamon was going to be fine as well, no health problems, and as I cuddled her close to me, I was happy about bringing her little puppy daughter home.

Any insight Tony? This feels so personal and emotional to me. With it being the holiday season I’m not sure you’ll get this anytime soon, but I’ll keep checking as I browse your wonderful site often.

Best wishes for a joyous holiday season!

    -tigresstiff 2011-12-26 23:03:01

    One other thing, Tony, as I read the interpretation description here. I am not sure if I want children of my own, I go back and forth on the matter, I really feel that I don’t need children of my own to be happy but I think I’m open to the idea. Thanks

    -Tony Crisp 2012-03-27 8:21:43

    Sorry I didn’t manage to remark on some of your other dreams. As for having children of your own, there are several satisfying ways of having children. There are dream children, which many people have without any man involved. Also there are creative children, like my writing is for me – even though I also have five grown up children.

    There is also bringing up your own inner child. That is a great task and leads into a spiritual path. Just thinking aloud.


-Pauline 2011-10-03 4:38:57

2 puppies waggin tails and licking my face,very exurberant and happy…a 3rd puppy was laying dying w/fluid ..then I saw and went over to see an attractive new red car..saw myself being drawn to back of car..went to open trunk of car..found a very beautiful white kitten with big blue eyes suffocating and in distress..

    -Tony Crisp 2011-11-02 11:19:39

    Pauline – Your natural inner self obviously loves you, shown by the puppies licking your face. But puppies lick the face and mouth when they are hungry and are begging for food.

    So then you find two animals that are not being cared for – which links with what was said about licking.

    The animal being neglected is a common theme. We have a responsibility to care for our animal drives, to see our sexual, nutritional and body needs are met. The red car could be a sign of ambition or of danger.


-Ms S Bowman 2011-06-20 11:36:42

I dreamed my dog was a puppy again and went over to another dog a big cream dog on a lead with a woman. The dog had enlarged teats, my dog started to suckle on one very greedily and the woman was restraining her dog in case it became aggressive before I could get there which I eventually did and apologised. I was afraid my dog mite bite it off because she has bitten somebody in the past also the woman said her dog only had one teat left! Ive never dreamt anything like this before and found it disturbing

    -Tony Crisp 2011-06-28 13:29:57

    Sherry – This is obviously about being an instinctive puppy/baby again. That it is off the lead says that there is a part of you that now has the freedom to follow its own needs.

    Excuse me saying this, but were you breast fed as a baby? If you had a need that wasn’t satisfied it would make sense of this dream.

    But if I am way off, then it is also about a need that was being satisfied in the dream, although it wasn’t as fully as it might be.


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