This has always been associated with royalty, with spirituality and the law. In terms of the personality it is seen as relating to the ability to deal with practical matters and with spiritual power. But it can suggest an overbearing attitude. It might also relate to the body, suggesting poor circulation, heart problems, palpitations or indigestion.

Example: When I looked into his liquid brown eyes I just saw directly through his soul and it went way out into some deep purple void which I knew to be the ultimate universe. PL

In the example the deep purple suggests an as yet unexplored or known dimension of experience. This links in some dreams with serenity and peace.

Purple is also the colour of a bruise, and in some dreams can either indicate hurts you feel, or sexual passion.

Idioms: Born to the purple (royalty); purple with rage; purple language; purple rank.

Useful questions:

What are my major feelings in this dream, and where do they appear in my waking life?

Does my dream link the colour with deep wonder or cosmic powers?

Is there any feeling or imagery to do with sickness – if so what does it suggest about me?

See: Colour.

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