Feelings connected with your mother. Ruling passions. A desire to rule over others emotionally, or to be respected. Also your need for recognition and acclaim.


-Tammy 2017-08-08 21:37:12

I dreamed that I was watching my home and saw a tree fall on it and catch fire. My oldest son was with me, and my other two family members were at work so I wasn’t concerned about their well-being. In fact I wasn’t concerned at all watching the home burn from a distance. But suddenly I was in a line of chairs that were all labeled in rank. I was in the chair labeled, “queen” and I didn’t recognize any of the other people in the line of chairs. All of the chairs shifted position and I was taken to the seat labeled “king”. I argued vehemenently with the stranger that had been shifted into the queen seat, until she agreed to allow me back into it. I awoke with a start and an uneasy feeling. What does this mean?

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