Feelings of hopelessness that undermine your plans, hopes, or efforts or fear of losing ground in competition with others, and emotions that engulf you.

Quicksand may suggest losing secure footing and sinking into one’s mess of emotions. It can also represent personal situations in one’s business or life that one is not in control of.

Useful Questions and Hints:

What do you feel threatened by or might be lost in?

Are you feeling trapped in some way?

Do you feel ill?

What is causing a sinking feeling?

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-Sam 2012-01-28 2:09:03

I have dreams about spiders, but in the dream, the spider is my “friend”. In this dream, he was eaten by big white slugs, and then I sat in the sand where the slugs were and they started to crawl into my anal cavity.

Another time I was meditating and there was a huge spider beside me, but i was not frightened.

I have read what you have to say about spiders, but I am not sure it makes sense in my case because I am especially frightened of them.

Can you help me understand what this might mean?


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