Intuition, with which we sense things out of sight. It may particularly deal with threats we sense.

One’s subliminal sense of other people – or of what feelings or ‘signals’ other people are giving out. Exploring beyond one’s usual ability or senses. As described in the last example knowing things clearly through intuition, but also touching the More of your own potential

Example: I am in a spaceship flying to the moon. Initially we are flying very low, seeming only to dodge large objects near the ground. At first I am frightened, but as the trip continues without mishap – it as though we are controlled by radar and a computer – I feel more and more secure. Later, when we take off into space, I begin to feel ecstatically happy. I am free to explore the wonders of the universe!

Example: This is an operation to rescue a bull moose, I think. We have to go thru some elaborate manoeuvrings, sending three small jets into the air one right after each other in three different directions very close to the ground to evade enemy radar and get this operation under way. (I am in one of these jets). We are proud of our cleverness.

Example: ‘It started as an inward light, went outside me many years later, seeming to control me by long distance radar. Then it came nearer, close above my head, becoming something I felt rather than heard, and spread down the neck and over the shoulders. It told me what to do, not only in emotional crises but in quite practical matters at other times. I knew of lodgings to go to five minutes after they had become vacant. I knew where clothes that I needed were to be found, in shops I did not consciously know existed. I knew that I ought to write a special letter to my mother, and failing to do so suffered bitter remorse, since she died only a few days later. This voice is now my guide from beyond, and has become something like the ‘More’ of which William James speaks when describing mystic experience.


Useful Questions and Hints:

Does my ‘radar’ pick up on the emotions of other people or places?

In the dream what is the radar used for and how does that relate to your life?

Is it used to find my way or to avoid attack?

Am I aware of other people in a radar sort of way?

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