A great deal of who you are was absorbed or learned from the close or difficult relationships you experienced while a child. Extremely powerful feeling responses developed to deal with what you needed and what actually happened to you. For instance a man who was placed in an orphanage while young, to top from sinking into deep depression, had to learn to get love from whatever females he could make contact with. As an adult he still experienced a drive to have several women he could turn to when in need.

Relatives in dreams, therefore usually depict family values, a way of life, or particular feelings or responses. In some way they show aspects of what you are doing now in your relationships and activities. So look for such issues as security; attraction or repulsion to males, females; introversion or extroversion as a way of life; dependence or independence and their many levels of growth or action; sickness or anger as a means of getting love, and so on.

Seeing parents dead: Sometimes dreamt at a time you are learning to become independent, so you are letting their influence or power in your life die. See: Brother; Sister; Father; Mother.

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