Interpersonal responsibility or relationship; what we have to ‘pay’ for what we have or want.

When the word rent means torn, it can represent a tearing, perhaps forcefully, of something. The ‘something’ might be your feelings, emotions torn apart. If you are doing the rending, then you are destroying something. What feelings caused the action?

Back rent: Represents locked up energies in past repressions of pain etc. These have to be paid up, to right things. Sometimes feeling stressed because of not being able to pay.

Being the landlord: Feeling more secure because extra money come in. But it depends how you see the people renting from you. In any case you have a relationship with the person or people, and the way you handle the relationship shows how you relate to Life.

Collecting rent: What we want from others, or what we are getting from them in the way of feelings, influences.

Unable to pay rent: Depends on your feelings in the dream. Do you feel you cannot keep up with the demands of everyday life? Do you feel that life owes you a living and you have no intention to pay the rent? Do you feel that the financial system and the social system are all awful and so you feel you can disregard their demands? Whatever you decide, honestly ask yourself whether you want people to do the same to you.

Useful Questions and Hints:

What situation were you in with rent in the dream?

Can you justify your actions in the dream?

Do you feel fine about paying your way?

Is the demand too much?

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