Rescue Rescued Rescuing

Intervention in your life by someone else’s action or emotions; something that changes the situation you are in, or changes mood. An intervention or action that has brought about a radical change in yourself, possibly from real psychological or even physical difficulty. It is worth defining what brought about the change, so you can use it in the future.

Being rescued can also mean that you were trapped by your own inner problems or attitudes and was rescued by your own higher self – your core self. See Core

Rescuing someone else, or an animal: This is an action you take to preserve something important inside yourself from being destroyed by common held attitudes or ways of life. For instance a sense of wonder and creativity can be destroyed or ‘drowned’ by materialistic or cynical viewpoints.

Rescued by animal: The supportive and loving action from the unconscious ‘animal’ level of oneself. See Animals in your Brain 

 Example: I am looking at a scene from the top of a cliff. There are large rocks sticking out of the sea at the bottom of the cliff. As I watch this scene a large black – wild? – horse charges towards the edge of the cliff. It carries on running, straight of the edge of the cliff. I am looking down the cliff to see where it will land. I lose sight of it but I am sure it will hit the rocks and be killed. Then I see it swimming straight out to sea. Sometimes it goes under a wave but its direction is strong. Suddenly I realise what the horse is doing. It has been trained to save lives. It had gone into the sea to rescue some people who would otherwise drown. Leon C.

 The horse here represents the natural drives in ourselves we have harnessed for generations and made sociable, and lifted to a spiritual purpose.

Can also relate to one’s desire to do something admirable or noble, such as saving souls, helping someone in distress, and thus having power in life.

Rescuing someone of the opposite sex: Breaking the bonds of emotion, sexuality or dependence that tie us to parents or others.

See Animals in your Brain

Useful Questions and Hints:

Where you rescued or rescuer?

What was the situation you were rescued from or rescuing someone from?

Considering that all dream characters are created out of your own memories and feelings, what part of you was in trouble and was rescued?

See Being the Person or ThingDealing with FearSumming Up



-Bethany 2015-01-24 23:05:48

I had a vivid dream last nigh that we pulled over to look at a car that was sitting at the side of the road to see if it was for sale. Upon looking all around it and inside it, I noticed a car seat inside with a toddler sitting in it that was sleepy but very very skinny. I opened the door to the car and talked with the little boy (who happened to be African American) and he told me that his parents left him there and it had been 3 days. I clarified with him that he had seen the sun come up three times. He told me yes and I told him I was going to get him out and make sure he gets food and juice.
Then I imagined the news headlines and talking with the police.
Then I took him home with me and had intentions of adopting him. (I am married and have 1 son already who is 2.5 years old.)
Then I got a call from the boy’s father saying that they were on their way to pick him up and the social worker is meeting me with them. I said ok and then they all arrived (mom, dad, social worker.) then I asked them if we could all hold hands and pray with them and I held a long prayer session asking for forgiveness and asking for safety for the boy.

-Laura 2013-10-13 20:49:04

Thank you Tony. 3 yrs ago at 98# i dreamt a dolphin took me around the earth in 22 minutes. 3 yrs later. It’s all me rescuing people from catastrophes often getting towards the other side. 115# and less cancer. Truth, I tried to do my archetype and I’ve been depressed ever since, as if my intuition, ability to intrepret is gone.

Was launching How not to be victim just before reading your response. Inward and upward but i need a dream reprieve:)

Much thanks. L

    -Tony Crisp 2013-10-14 7:02:18

    Laura – It is difficult to know really what people want, and I haven’t got many answers. But I realised forty years ago that everything I tried didn’t work, so I gave up. Not giving up with a bad heart, but sitting an hour a day knowing that as I didn’t know the answer then I had to wait for it to be shown. Many months later as I was getting into bed I heard a voice saying, “you have asked how God touches the human soul. Now watch closely.” Within a few days an action started that changed me from a depressive into someone who is here holding out a hand. See


      -Laura 2013-10-14 14:31:33

      Thank you. I have dreamt that balance scale more than once of late. Confirmation brings peace.

-Laura 2013-10-13 4:08:07

You mention pray, i ask for positive dreams nightly, instead 4 or 5 rescue dreams drownings, fire storm, raven, always running into help but no one else will even when i ask. I prayed the other night not to dream and that worked but I’m afraid if i don’t I’ll miss the message. i wake up exhausted and depressed, and have lost intuitive edge. Doesn’t too much dreaming mean unhealthiness? Feeling doomed while continuing positive.
Thank you for your work.

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