Sociability, relaxation, friendship. Search for sustenance or strength, or ways of directing your life. Perhaps also a search for company or sexual partner, the nourishment of companionship.

Search for emotional or sexual satisfaction; hunger for company or sexuality. Because ones sociability might at times be a fear of being alone, might represent this. Also an experience of giving or receiving, and therefore to do with sustenance or revitalisation. See: Food.

Useful Questions and Hints:

What did I feel was the main points or feelings in the dream?

Was the restaurant about relaxing or about impressing people?

Did you plan to celebrate an event or being with someone?

Was alcohol a part of the meal?

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-Mark 2015-04-15 15:41:48

Had a dream where I went to an all-you-can-eat event/restaurant with a friend. Any idea what that could possibly mean?

I don’t think I had a negative association with the dream.


    -Anna 2015-04-15 16:28:22

    Mark – Perhaps it means you like to eat all the different types of food that Life offers you and share this with your friend?
    There is food for the mind; food for thought; food for the body; and spiritual nourishment. We can digest information or experience, the latter being food for our growth as an individual. Food can represent any of these. Something we might take or are taking into ourselves – such as experience of a relationship – qualities of another person – sexual pleasure – social pleasure.
    See also
    Anna 🙂

      -Mark 2015-04-17 1:12:46

      Thanks Anna! 🙂

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