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Dreams nearly always deal with actions or responses taking place not in the outer world, but in your inner world. This is the often neglected world of your beliefs, your thoughts and feelings. People often do not realise the incredible power of this world, and how it directs almost everything we do. So being robbed is possibly an action, probably on your own part now or in the past, that has robbed yourself of qualities or talents. It might also have a sexual connection – loss of something valuable. 

We can be robbed of health or peace of mind by the way we think, our beliefs and our tendencies to fret and feel anxious. Many illnesses have as a contributing factor our state of mind.

People can also sometimes feel ‘sick of sex’, and that anxiety about sex can rob them of that pleasure for a lifetime.

My son was for while laid low by an enemy. If I can put a name to the enemy he was laid low by, if I can point to a form, then I would say it is called by many names, some of them being Cynicism, Despair, Commercialism, Materialism. Whatever its right name is, it robs hope from some children. It tears down their ability to create a world for themselves, and instead forces on them a view of the world – no, not a view, but what feels like a concrete reality – that is barren and where nothing grows except in connection with industrial factories, economic necessities, sexual and social manipulation. It is like a cage in which the soul feels itself trapped. See Martial Art of the Mind; Anxiety

 Example: I was walking up a hill pushing a bicycle. Several other people went by riding theirs but that didn’t worry me. I went on up the hill and could only gasp in wonderment when I got to the top – I could see for miles and everything was in the most wonderful colours you could ever imagine. My first thought was ‘How wonderful God is to create such a beautiful world for us.’ I thanked him then and there. I thought ‘I wonder if it is like this behind me?’ as I looked around, right up close to me was what seemed like a huge black wall. As I looked along the wall, right at the end the marvellous view started, this continued round to the side of me and in the huge expanse in front. I can’t remember any road or pathway going down the hill, onwards. Muriel M.

 This type of dream occurs often and illustrates that for many of us early life is a climb and needs much energy – the bicycle up the hill. The bicycle and her relationship with others illustrates that she doesn’t see herself achieving as much as others, but this does not perturb her, or rob her of her wonder at life. The dream is packed with information, for the black wall suggests that the past, the territory she has already covered, is now gone and only what she lives and creates in this moment is before her. Also there is no track going downhill, suggesting that there is no end to life, because going downhill suggest approaching illness and death.

One can be robbed of confidence, of your sexual honour, of your creativity and of your identity. Did someone take it from you or through trickery make you give it up? Fortunately, we can never loss what was ours completely, but thoughts, beliefs, threats of pain or death can put such enormous barriers in the way. If you can understand how it was done that is the first step to regaining what is yours. See the links below under Useful Questions.

I believe that the discovery and expansion of unconditional love in one’s life is the prime force for dealing with these life sapping links. And by unconditional love, I mean a love that does not cling, does not desire to possess, looks upon jealousy and rage as a sickness, and reaches out despite pain. Possessiveness, jealousy, the rage at being left or abandoned, of being overlooked, can all become focal points for the energy that becomes a possessive demon. That is sickness — and until we admit it is such – it can still dominate us and rob us of the richness and fullness our life could attain otherwise. See Life’s Little Secrets; Beware of Love


Useful questions and hints:  

What is it I feel was taken from me?

Do I know who or what was the cause of my loss?

Can I see a way of regaining what was lost or stolen?

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