Your energies seeking release from boundaries and limitations. This might also indicate the power to lift consciousness beyond the level of sense impressions and mundane thoughts and feelings. It can be a way you represent the enormous thrust of sexual energy as it either flows out through the genitals, or is lifted up through the spine to functions in the brain, and there, like increased electrical current, lighting up processes of the mind previously dark or unconscious. See: Spaceship.

A Fireworks rocket: Can mean many things in your dream depending on the feelings and events experienced in the dream. It can suggest a feeling of wonder and beauty; a warning signal your dream is showing you; a signal saying here I am I need help; or a prayer sent up that can be experienced by many.

 Example: I set off a firework/rocket that shot into the sky and became about nine balls of coloured light. They chased an unseen alien craft in the sky, and disposed of it. All the people rejoiced, and I was a hero for ridding the world of this unknown menace.

Example: A group of people who are old, senile, worn out, are led into a room where a young attractive nurse sits. She was inwardly unhappy, without love, and she gave a demonstration to show this. She hopped along the floor of this huge room on one leg, like an ice skater in posture, in great leaps and beautiful, and dived right through a brick wall, smashing it, her long hair flowing backwards. Then she flew back at the wall as if rocket powered, and crumbled it into a huge hole. She was a metallic person, and a group were to be turned into such beings also. They did not seem to see her pathos and unhappiness. 

Example: The can was going along like a rocket carrying us along the Beaconsfield/Amersham Road. The idea was to take off and go to the moon. When we went down Gore Hill we eventually took off, but only a few feet. Then we had another can full of fuel which I set light too. It burnt slowly like meths. There was a hole up on the side, and the can leaked. I set light to both holes, but not enough power was generated to go along, just a slow burn. Also we could hardly find anything to hang onto. Then we had a stainless steel small rocket, still in the shape of a drum, but with a proper exhaust nozzle, and works. We also have space suits on with a harness and clips which fastened to the rocket. 

As soon as I explored this dream I felt the new rocket and nozzle was my recent freer expression of sexual feeling. Going to the moon was making connection with my head and creativity that had been floating in space (floating head, my thinking self was not connected with my body). The old can reminded me of the dream prior to the last session, the barrel into which I was poking food – i.e. I was eating too much hoping to gain some energy. The hole in the side is my chest pain, where I have often said “energy leaks out”.

Useful questions and hints:

Have you ever felt an enormous shift or energy release that gave you a new view of your world?

 Do you ever plan or daydream where you are going in expressing the energy of your life?

Where have your energetic activities taken you?

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