The philosophy, beliefs or coping strategies we use to protect yourself from stress. The roof can also suggest how you are dealing with the energies of emotion, and whether your ‘house’ or personality, is sound. See: House

Hole in the roof: Suggest something that has attacked your sense of security. Or if you are on the roof seeing into a room below of an unknown house or a previously unknown room, it suggest past dwelling places, past lives, and therefore seeing into them one can see things that could be useful in today’s life.

A person climbing out of a hole in the roof can symbolise becoming a mature man/woman. In legends and folklore this process of climbing out, being pulled through the hole in a rock, crawling out of a narrow passage, is a frequently recurring image of birth or rebirth.

 Example: I suddenly realise I was on the roof of my old home, though it didn’t resemble it at all. Standing there I could see a hole in the roof that allowed me to look down into a room, or an area, that had got walled off as the house was being renovated. I saw things in the room that I knew belonged  to me and I planned to get them. This is an important point because, 1) I have dreamt this in various ways many times. 2) Our home was a huge project and never completely finished. So the dreams show these unused areas – sometimes enormous. Also it shows areas or aspects of self that were lost in the past and are now realised.

Standing on a roof: Heightened awareness. See: spiritual life in dreams

Mending roof: Developing new coping strategies; feeling vulnerable; developing the qualities on your life that lead to wholeness.

Leaking roof: Need for new coping strategies; a suggestion that you need to deal with personal problems.

No roof: If not a threatening dream, suggests no barrier between personality and psychic or spiritual awareness; a sense of connection with life or wider awareness. If threatening, feeling invaded by forces outside oneself.

Roof garden: Spiritual or mental growth or flowering of new ideas, insights or abilities. See: Last example in window.


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