An old and now useless way of life you led in the past; a particular personality structure that has now broken down; feelings you have abut some aspect of your life. The ruins in many dreams are shown as a castle, and this suggests the defences you used at one time to survive, but are now not necessary.


-Sara 2015-09-20 7:39:54

Hi i was dreaming last night that me and other people guess friends was on a ruin above the ocean. We sat there talked about the history and looked at the water. After that we jumped in to the ocean and swim to the shore. On friend complained about how long we swim but it feelt IT fast enough. Then it was people on the beach we saw a tiger with them. A black dog Seem to be with them to. Then a small fish with Big theeths swim to Them. And Every on said “Aaaah piraya” the pirAya left a beam of waTer behind and thaT really maked the black dog to jump in the water and swim after it. Everybody waS like no come back. Then the tiger run aFter the dog to stop the dog. And the tiger came in front of it aNd stoped the dog to go Further. Really like to now the meaning of the dream. I have reach to Na but i feel like There is danger in that group to thats scares me i dont want be commited and always be difriend in life with orters becuase i experimented with drugs. And i know that the drugs no longer serve me.

-flowerchild80 2013-01-26 1:44:15

I would very greatly like to speak with someone about a recurring dream I have had for the past 28 years and about recurring dream symbols. Please. Kind of important. Thank you.

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