Negligence; sense of ageing; seeing how transitory worldly things are. It might imply that something connected with you has not been taken care of, is worn out and might not be of service. So something encrusted with rust suggests not only age but also lack of use.

Rust is a sign of how iron consumes itself, so there may be a suggestion of this in the dream, rust appearing on something that is consuming itself. Is something corroding your life?

Rust on some things makes them work less efficiently, so the dream rust might be saying things need cleaning up for your life to work well. If you dreamt of rust, it might indicate neglect, lack of care, old age, or a “rusty” skill.

 Example: It was a big room – a bathroom; old-fashioned and high-ceilinged. It was a mess, and I thought the first thing I could do was to set-to and clean it (the bath, sink, everything was dirty and grimy). However, when I went to the bath to clean it, I saw that the back of the bath had all rusted away, so it was beyond being cleaned, a completely new bath was needed.

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