I believe the findings of Stanislav Grof are extremely relevant to dreams containing Satanism. He found that satanistic themes occurred regularly in the experience of childbirth where the baby was the victim of enormous struggle. What is described below is the experiences of adults reliving their birth experiences. During this the foetus is involved in an enormous struggle for survival, with mechanical crushing pres­sures and frequently a high degree of suffocation. At the end of this great pain and struggle the mother and foetus the child can come into contact with various kinds of biological material, such as blood, mucus, urine, and faeces. Grof defines three levels of this, but I refer to what he has termed BPM III. (Birth Perinatal Matrix III)

“The underlying theme of the experi­ences related to BPM III is the encounter with death. The most important characteristic of this pattern is the atmo­sphere of a titanic struggle, frequently attaining catastrophic proportions. The intensity of painful tension reaches a degree that appears to be far beyond what any human can bear. The individ­ual experiences sequences of immense condensation of energy and its explosive release and describes feelings of powerful currents of energy streaming through his whole body. The visions typically accompanying these experiences involve scenes of natural disasters and the unleashing of elemental forces, such as exploding volcanoes, devastating earthquakes, raging hurri­canes, cyclones and tornadoes, electric storms, gigantic comets and meteors, expanding nova’s, and various cosmic cataclysms.”

“BPM III seems to belong to the final stage of the death – rebirth struggle and often immediately pre­cedes the experience of birth or rebirth. its essential characteris­tic is an intimate encounter with various kinds of biological material, identified as mucus, sweat, products of putrefaction, menstrual blood, urine, and faeces. In addition to visual and tactile elements, this experience also involves rather realistic olfactory and gustatory sensations. Subjects may have very authentic feelings of eating faeces, drinking blood or urine, or sucking on putrefying wounds.”

“Sexual experiences in these sessions occasionally have a rather unusual flavour; they can involve sadistic or per­verse elements or take the form of satanic, oceanic, or tantric sex. In the termination period of sessions with good resolution, the orgiastic ability of an individual is usually greatly increased, in both male and female subjects. Sexual intercourse on the Session day can become the most powerful experience of this sort in the subject’s life.

For the understanding of phenomena occurring as part of the Satanic Mass and the Black Sabbath rituals. In this con­text, sex, usually in the form of group orgies, is combined with extreme sadomasochistic elements including animal or human sacrifice, ritual defloration, and psychological or physical tor­ture. Frequently there is an emphasis on biological material, such as blood, menstrual discharge, miscarried foetuses, and intestines.

The setting is usually morbid and macabre, and the general atmosphere is that of blasphemy, horror, and death. A peculiar mixture of sex, death, and scatology appears to be quite com­mon, as exemplified by instances of sexual intercourse per­formed among the entrails of a disembowelled animal or in the cemetery in an open grave.

The combination of perverted sex, sadomasochism, Scatology, and an emphasis on death, with ele­ments of blasphemy, inverted religious symbolism, and a quasi – religious atmosphere, is characteristic of BPM III. Subjects tuned in to this matrix frequently report experiences of partici­pating in Walpurgis Night, in a Black Mass, or in satanic sexual practices. This usually results in insights into the psychology of the Inquisitors and witch – hunters. These experiences seem to suggest a far – reaching similarity between the state of mind of the actual practitioners of the black art and their fanatic persecutors. The behaviour of both these groups betrays the influence of the third perinatal matrix.” Quoted from Realms of the Human Unconscious


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