Like any of the stinging insects, the scorpion can indicate your fear of being hurt, or vulnerability to hurts and slights. Its shape and down curled sting also gives it the sense of inturned negative emotions – the way we hurt ourselves with fears negative judgements, or angers turned in upon ourselves. In this sense it is like the snake. But it might be that you know the scorpion is an amazing mother, and so use it in your dreams to represent the ferocious and protective mother, carrying her children with her.


The Astrological meaning of Scorpio, the Scorpion, is the “Fixed” “Water” sign. Its hieroglyph is, like Virgo, the “Serpent” sign, but in this case the “sting” is very much in evidence. It represents emotions, feelings, etc. of a fixed, permanent nature. “Cancer” represented free and abundant emotional activity. In “Scorpio,” likes and dislikes are fixed and powerful for either good or evil.

The sign may produce great saints or great sinners, but never weak characters. It gives a very strong Will. It “dominates” others so naturally and spontaneously that it is often scarcely conscious of the power it exercises. When not working consciously for good, it can be very cruel and malicious. If it “stings” it stings to kill. So it becomes in its lower working the symbol of “Death,” but, in its higher working, of “Resurrection” to a higher life. In its highest meaning it has been figured as an “Eagle” or Phoenix rising heavenwards, with its gaze fixed on the Divine Sun. In its lower meaning it is the “Sting of Death.” In the “Children of Israel” it is Dan (the Judge). Dan is “an adder in the path, he biteth the horse’s heel,” etc. (Sagittarius the centaur archer follows Scorpio.) It is a combination of power and passion for good or for evil.

 Example: A female participant with severe, chronic sinusitis reported a very lengthy dream. One part of this dream consisted of her being bitten by a scorpion, at which time she heard a loud voice saying, “That’s why you have sinusitis.” In her analysis of this segment of the dream, she immediately stated that the scorpion stood for her husband, who is a Scorpio. She admitted to a difficult relationship with him, but indicated that progress had been made within the previous few months.   

Example: In the male incest dreams I have worked with, an insect (often described as a mother insect) such as a black widow or a scorpion fills the dreamer with disgust and perhaps a bit of fear. Then the dreamer’s mother appears and the dreamer is sexually aroused by her, but again feels disgusted at both his mother and himself. Quoted from Sexual Dreams by Dr Gayle Delaney

Useful Questions and Hints:

What do I associate with the scorpion and how is it portrayed in the dream?

Does this indicate bitterness, jealousy or guilt (stinging emotions)?

Have you turned your negative feelings inward by not expressing them?

Do you have any of the scorpions strengthsor faults?

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