Seal Sealed

A seal is a trust, a security or promise, a sign of integrity, which we can abuse or use as a power. It depicts the emergence into your conscious life of your deepest instincts and life energies – in Eastern terminology the kundalini, for our centers of perception may be sealed, so not usable..

For seal, as in a stamp or design – it suggests authority or permission. It can also represent a person or their influence, power, or lack of it.

Example: In a very real sense a nightmare is a symbolic presentation of an original situation full of important information. But it has got hermetically sealed within layers of resistances or defences – basically fear, avoidance of pain, and feelings of threat.

Sealed in that sense means something difficult to alter or deal with. For instance, something that has sealed a relationship, like giving a ring.

Lips can be sealed, by not speaking about a secret.

See: seal under fish and sea creatures.



-Lourdes 2016-05-12 7:12:53

Hi Tony!

I’m hoping you can help interpret this dream for me. Last night I dreamt that I was driving on a highway and the visor kept dropping down. I realized that I was seeing the road through the small visor and kept pushing it back up, but it kept falling. And all the while the car was going really fast, and I was dodging other cars so as not to hit them. I also knew I was in a dream. In the end I ended up crashing in to and hitting a seal! Then I woke up. What does this all mean? Appreciate your thoughts and interpretation of this.

Thanks in advance!

    -Anna - Tony's Assistant 2016-05-16 7:11:06

    Dear Lourdes – I feel your dream reflects your learning to manage your inner energies and power and to choose priorities in this process.
    It may be that in your thoughts and mind you move faster than you are able to manifest in your waking life, and it may take some practice to learn to “ground your being lucid” or your heightened awareness;
    As far as setting priorities are concerned, you could explore why you want the visor out of the way, when it does not block your sight; “I realized that I was seeing the road through the small visor”.
    To do so you can use and explore what arises when you decide to drive without pushing the visor back. Does it enable you to focus on other things; like your driving speed?
    Crashing with the seal may reflect what can happen if you do not slow down internally; the cause and effect principle; you crash with your energy system which will slow you down eventually. (exhaustion?)
    See also and
    Anna 🙂

-Beth 2016-04-18 3:57:46

I dreamed last night, that I was near water, I don’t know if I was in water, I then heard a guy whistle for a seal, I think, he was in a boat, I then seen it come to him, it was dark in color. Thanks, Tony

-Laura 2016-03-23 9:36:51

I dreamt that I was driving along a country road when suddenly up ahead I saw an animal struggling to cross the road…as I bent down to help it I realized it was a sea lion and looking around me I could see tonnes of others trying to cross but were in danger from cars knocking tbem down . A baby seal came up to me so I picked it up and took care of it. I had such an overwhelming urge to help them all to safety so I ran around stopping cars from either side of the road so they could all be safe. There waa such a loud seal calling noise at all times in my dream ….

-Kayleigh 2016-02-03 11:07:52

Hi, I had a dream that I was looking after a baby then the baby turned into a seal when it went in the sea with its mother seal and was playing in the sea close to the shore while its mother watched, I was watching through a window out to the sea and was happy.

-craig 2015-12-22 1:12:02

I had a dream that I was holding a seal in my arms while I was floating down a river, the river was rough like white water rapids. I remember thinking to myself in my dream how am I doing without a wraft? But it seemed the seal was my pet.

-Unknown 2015-12-09 8:52:52

Dear tony,
I dreamed of someone or me going under a deep water and I saw animals caged and I saw a seal he talked and I heared help and then I heared the seal said pistol,then I woke up its very weird pls tell me what it means.

    -Unknown 2015-12-09 9:32:59

    Sorry it was sea lions not seal

-Melissa B. 2015-02-17 21:35:55

I just happened to come across this website while trying to find some insight into a terrifying dream i had last night. i have always had dark, creepy, dreams that bring out fear but this one was different.

While dreaming I was seeing things through the eyes of a seal. It was cold, the seal had been captured and brought onto a boat. There were two lines of men.. poachers with long blades and spikes. There was just enough room between the lines for the seal to shuffle through. As the seal got to the end of the line the last man stabbed it. Once the seal was stabbed I had switched and was seeing things through the poachers eyes. He proceeded to hang the seal upside down and slit it down the middle while still alive, he began to skin the seal. I could see the pain in the seals eyes as it slowly died and then I woke up.

Any insight on what this might mean?

-lisa 2014-07-19 12:57:17

I dream I was saving the seal to find a way go back to the sea.

-Tania 2014-05-23 10:54:38

Dear Tony
I dreamt I was standing on the second floor of an apartment building and looked down below to talk to someone. Next to the person (I can’t recall who it was, but the feeling I had was that i knew the person)on either side was a fat, small seal/otter-like creature. It had no fins or tail. I just remember the face looked like an otter/seal and that the body was kind of triangular shaped. They seemed to be angry at me and I got scared so I ran into the apartment only to find more of these creatures inside and one fell on my head and I started screaming then ran out to be followed by the rest of them. Someone was shouting to me that they are salamanders and i should keep on screaming because it will chase them away. I woke up soon after.
Could you please give me some insight to this dream, it’s really bothering me for some reason.
Thanking you kindly.

-camelia 2014-04-22 16:11:32

Most of my dream was fuzzy. But I do remember giving birth to 3 beautiful brown seals. What could that mean?

    -camelia 2014-04-22 16:13:38

    It was 3 beautiful brown sea lions, not seals

    -Tony Crisp 2014-04-23 8:14:03

    Camelia – Any birth is a creative act – a miracle of creation. As the mother you are only half of the act, because it is Life that creates the baby, you, the mother add qualities to it with the care and goodness you give during pregnancy.

    The beautiful sea lion babies are very special, for they are brought from the sea within you, the salt water the babies lived in until your waters broke, into your conscious life. They represent abilities you have that are still infants but will grow if you nurture them. They are the ability to be aware of the deep forces of life within you that most people never even know of. As they mature you will know a love for Life in all its creatures, and you will be in touch with your own emergence. See

    You might also, as they grow, know how enormous you are within you. Do not be afraid if this occurs, it is a normal process of growth.


-lansing 2014-04-22 13:56:21

Thanks you for being here. It’s helped me this morning to read about seals in dreams. Yesterday I had made a 15 minute trance drumming recording (straight monotonous pulse, my first), using a bison skin drum….

The dream I had last night featured many seals swimming all around me, the shore was in sight, though at a distance; we were going in one direction together (up, or toward “12” on a clock) It felt peaceful.

with love….blessings

-jessica 2013-05-19 20:42:43


I had a dream last night that a baby seal crawled upshore and found me and my boyfriend was like “burgers?” and I gave him a dirty look, knowing though that hes joking and makinfmg fun of me for being veggie, and I was like we have to put him in water so he doesnt dry out, and I put the baby seal in the kitchen sink filled with water. after the seal was wet I took him outside to the water because in this dream I lived on the beach of an ocean. I took him to the shore and let him crawl back in the water and we played in the waves rolling with them as they came in to the shore.

-Sharon White 2011-04-25 10:45:48

Dear Tony,

I dreamt that I was on the beach typing a paper. I had been working hard and realized I had stayed out too long and was afraid of getting too much sun so I packed up to leave. I was feeling so content and energized the way I always feel when I leave the ocean. Before I went into my house I saw a ginger-colored horse running with a horse blanket in its mouth. It threw the blanket on the lawn of the house across the street and laid down on it. In my dream I thought it was getting ready to give birth. The colors of the horse and its blue blanket were very vivid. Then when I was inside my house I heard noise at the door. When I opened it two birds flew in – one larger, and the other small. Both dark. They immediately flew into another room where I couldn’t see them and I was very uncomfortable about that. ( In waking life I live on the 30th floor of an apartment and sometimes birds fly by very close to my open window making loud noises and appear to be very aggressive. )Then, in my dream, I call for the dog I had had for many years until its death to come and help me get the birds out of the house. I open the door and a small reptile-like creature crawled in followed by a strange dog. I ask it to help me get the birds and small creature out of my house but it walks away. Then in a dream within a dream I am thinking about how to get to a special beach that I have seemed to have been to and have known about before in my dreams but does not exsist in real life. At this beach I swim to a sand bar or island then swim out to another and then another. My dream experience tells me that I have done this many times and it takes a whole day. I experience the whole panorama of sights and smells, of ocean and palm trees and feel very refreshed and happy when I come home. My dream ends when I open the door again and my old dog, the one I was waiting for comes in. He leans next to me and I pat him lovingly telling him that I know he will help me get the birds out of my house. I always dream in color but the inside of the house is rather dark compared to the outdoors. In real life I have started a new writing project and two days ago heard of the death of a dear friend from my past.
Would greatly appreciate your insight.

    -Tony Crisp 2011-05-05 18:45:37

    Sharon – The house you want the birds out of is you – a particular part of you. While you are outdoors, in the sun, swimming you are happy and full of energy and love or what you see. But in the house the colours are not so marked.

    So I wonder whether you are not very happy when you are shut in – or maybe not happy living where you do. So you are searching for something that is revealed by the swimming to the islands. What you are searching for is something that gives you that sort of pleasure. Also I feel the horse is also a part of your search. The horse is an expression of physical pleasure, the sort you mentioned, and it is giving birth to something new.

    The birds are things that fly around in your mind that you want to get rid of. Then the dog rekindles the old loving feeling and you feel things will be okay. If you hang on to the feeling of the dog and the feeling of the long swim it will be a healing experience. The long swim shows a lot of courage and trust. Remember it.


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