Connections with others, showing the strength or weakness of what holds you together. The strength of beliefs or convictions, and so the weak point of attitudes or philosophy.

If you are sowing or in some creating a seam, it suggests you are bringing two or more things or people together inempt to make it permanent. Or if you are making a seam to mend something, it shows work you are doing to heal an injured part of your life.

In geological terms, it indicates that you have found a rich area of your inner digging/searching or archaeological searching. See Archaeologist Archaeology

 Example: James Mason and I are in the back seat of a car. He kisses me and pinches my left nipple. I’m sexually excited. I say, “But people can see.” An older woman is standing outside the car. He insists. I put on a pretty, brief pleated skirt with see-through lace seams and a turquoise velour top. He leans back in the car and says in a whisper in my ear, “Take off your panties.” I feel sexually excited. I do so. I get out of the car, noticing I can see flashes of my legs through the lace. He is possessive and demanding and I love it.

Example: Of course, eventually it is all going to fall apart. We try to maintain the validity of that false self with all sorts of methods, everything from alcohol, antidepressants, hard drugs to calming meditation. Our medical fraternity are overwhelmed by people whose lives are falling apart – perhaps even their bodies. In fact, they are being asked to patch up something that really do need to come apart at the seams. What we actually need is some sort of wise support as we gradually dismantled this pseudopod, this false self. R.D. Laing had the right idea is suggesting that we need to help people, to give them an environment in which this can take place. Our real self is very often still at the emotional level of babyhood in its development, and for many people that is a terrifying prospect, to regress to that sort of vulnerability. As it says in the new Testament, “Except you become as little children, you cannot enter the kingdom of heaven.” See Beware of Love

Idioms: coming apart at the seams.

 Useful Questions and Hints:

Is the seam one you have created?

Does it appear strong or coming apart?

What sort of seam is it?

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