The other woman and also the practical business side of self-supporting creative action. The secretary has the cliché image of the ‘other woman’ – or perhaps in today’s world, the ‘other man’. There might even be a play on power between a secretary love and boss – is the power in the authority or the sexual drive?

The secretary also indicates the background of activity upon which creative work can take place. She or he depicts the orthodox aspects of you that lend a hand in the development of the creative or transformative aspects of you.

For many people this is an indication of work and feelings about it. In some dreams the secretary can indicate a loving and caring influence, someone who has useful information and abilities. Also a secretary can act as a filter or block against contact or communication with the Boss – the Core.

 Example: I was interviewed for a job as a secretary for this college professor who has a terrible reputation as a womanizer who “feeds” on the young college girls. I am a sophisticated, together woman in white high heels and a business suit. I am also beautiful and tailored. BS

Example: The male sex drive is such a mechanism. Looking for a younger woman is partly mechanical. Do we have to mechanically go along with it? Yet it moves so many people. There is the big director trying to be so important, and in comes the secretary and he can’t help looking at her legs and breasts. The thrill in the belly, the hunger deep down to touch that soft warm young body.


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