Servant Maid or Cleaning Lady

Social roles – top dog under dog feelings; feeling you are treated like a servant, or treating someone else as; class distinctions.

The cleaning lady is an aspect of you that is sociable and works in the background making inner changes in your body, but needs payment or encouragement to carry on the work. It is, in most of us, an activity that goes on working unconsciously for most of the time.

It depends on whether you are the servant or the one served. If served it can indicate the parts of your personality that respond to the decisions and requests you make of your body and mind. What is your relationship with them? Being a servant in your dream can either mean you are giving yourself willingly to someone or some activity or goal, or that you feel unworthy of any other role or reward. A question worth asking is what or who is being served?

To dream of a servant is be reminded to be of service – as in “He who would be greatest or master must be servant to all”. Other possibilities are those qualities in self that are fully under control and able to be purposefully directed. (Cayce).

Example: To touch such love is painful and I was weeping as if in agony. What is it to wash somebody’s feet? I don’t understand. I am listening but I don’t understand. I feel it but I cannot grasp clearly what is meant.

Then I was told that the person who washes somebody’s feet is the servant. You have to realise, first of all, that you are a servant. You are nothing more. You are not proud; you are not above somebody else. You are a simple servant of Life. And yet you are Life – that grand mystery of Life. Like the grass, Life can be trodden under foot. You have to realise that before you can really touch anybody with that great love.

Example: When we reject our station in life and strive, to the detriment of others around us, we forget the noblest fact of our being. It is that we are born the sons and daughters of Life. We are, without any earning, the children of Life. This makes each of us Princes and Princesses – no, more than that, the very embodiment of the Highest.

Forgetting this we rush hither and hither, attempting to gain the riches and position we already have as our birth right. In believing ourselves underlings we become them, and so find ourselves the servants or slaves of powers and desires, of ideas and urges, of fears and materials we are born to command. But if we once realise who we are, and that we can never gain a higher privilege or a more powerful position, we become free. Being all of us Stars, we can play the large parts and the humble parts with greatness and for commitment, without longing for other roles. At last we can bring all we are to being parents, or husband, or wife. We can clean toilets with the artistry of a cellist, or govern men with the innocence of a child; or even tramp the roads with the great soul of a true vagabond, who could as easily be a king.

Example: My wife spoke to Jim, who had just entered, in a tone of voice that “spoke volumes” to me. It said – I am the lady of this house – she spoke to him like one dismisses a servant. In it were generations of upper-class people who had servants. I ridiculed her about this by mimicking her voice in front of Jim. I seemed to see deep into her and saw generations of shit pushed down by her family. Nothing must show.


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Thank you for this amazing perspective.The maid is a recurring character in my dreams since a couple of years and I kept wondering what her role represented.In a recent dream an ancient old woman dies and her photograph starts shaking.I wonder if maybe she is still alive in the photo but instead it’s the maid in the photo who is alive…I am now beginning to understand this character’s symbolism and resonate deeply with all the suggestions given.Thank you!

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