The symbol of seven is the Triangle above the square. It relates to the cyclic expressions of time in the cosmos and in man’s life. It is an outer expression of an inner spiritual principle. Thus at seven a child loses its milk teeth, at fourteen develops sexuality, at twenty-one enlarges the faculties unfolded in the teens, at twenty-eight stabilises them etc.

There are said to be seven centres within our body, which are powerful functions that are also sense organs. As such they act on our body and personality. They are expressions of different levels of consciousness, and different forces or principles, such as growth, reproduction, and sensation. Thus it represents the influence upon the physical, of the invisible rhythms within us, the cosmic keyboard of harmonic vibrations or energies.

The zodiacal sign is Libra the manager. It rules the kidneys, and the seventh house rules marriage. Seven is the number of initiation, and there are seven colours in the spectrum, seven notes in music. See: Dimensions of Human Experience – Energy Sex and Dreams – Kundalini – Numbers.

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