Shave Shaving

It might mean becoming faceless. But for men it is often a task performed to help them feel respectable, so it might have those feelings involved

Many males feel inadequate in today’s world, and so have a trouble feeling proud of their masculinity – many men shave all their hair of trying to make themselves more like a female.

Shaving vagina: Women often shave their pubic area for similar reason as the male, also there is a great taboo in the West to showing any pubic hair or under arm hair, so it might involve feelings about being coarse.

 Example: My wife, a younger woman and I were outdoors in a field. The woman was of slight but athletic build with reddish hair. All three of us became close physically and started to get involved sexually. The woman put my hand on her vagina. It was shaved and I could feel the crack. This so annoyed my wife she walked away, fuming.  The woman said to me that it was silly to be so indirect as my wife. The right way to be was open and direct as she was. I said all I could observe was that she had deeply hurt my wife, and I didn’t see where ‘honest’ came into it.

Example: In my dream I told my daughter, who has a hairdresser, to perm my hair.  When I saw the finished result I told her to shave it all off.  We laughed about the dream.  10 days later when cleaning, I fell over the Bannister’s and hurt my head.  I was taken to hospital and the first thing they did was to shave my head.

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