Strength; ability to support self or others. To let someone cry on our shoulder is to support or help them to unburden themselves through the strength of sympathy and the ability to help. Shoulder to the wheel also represents putting influence, strength or weight into something. Ability to take the burdens of life.


-Tracy 2011-10-08 15:20:41

I dreamt I was in a room that appeared to be an emergency room and the room was packed with women all waiting to see this doctor, she was supposedly (in my dream) the best! Everyone was waiting fully clothed accept one woman, she was laying on a gurny completely naked, she was moaning and couldn’t lay still as if she wanted/needed the doctor badly. The doctor came out and started healing women one by one. But the naked woman he stuck a needle in her vagina and she bled to death. Me he took behind a curtain and I came out feeling better than ever.

    -Tony Crisp 2011-11-07 9:54:01

    Tracy – I have a sense that in the past you felt you were not good, or you didn’t measure up to expectations. But that time is passing and you begin to recognise that you are a talented and positive person with a great potential.

    Your dream is about this and maybe you felt that there was a problem connected with sexuality, and that gave you such pain and struggle. But that part of you has, or is in process of dying, and so you begin to feel like a new person.

    We put obstacle such as fears, thoughts and feelings in the way of what is infinite potential, and that can be changed so you can make real more of your potential. So imagine yourself back in the place behind the curtain with the doctor and allow the healing to deepen.


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