The symbol of this is the double triangle, or circle divided in six. It represents symmetry, unity of spirit and body, the visible and invisible. It is the harmonious relationship between man and God, spirit and body, the eternal and the transitory. Its sign is Virgo which expresses as craftsman or critic. It is a sign of service and rules the intestines. The sixth house rules health.

It can sometimes indicate the sixth sense, intuition and the psychic, as the following dream indicates.

Example: I had a dream that I was walking along with my sister in almost a zoo / animal sanctuary and we suddenly were under threat (by what, I am not sure). Feeling threatened my sister and I tried to help the animals around us get to safety and I ended up with 6 grey baby owls. They were all different sizes but small and needy. We took them to a house I presume I was staying in and set up a room for them but the moment I sat down and set them down… they came cuddling back up to me. So I carried them around until my dream changed to some social setting at a party.

The owls are often representing intuition and ability to see things others cannot see – so intuition and being psychic.

Also six can be word play for sex, a subtle way to remind us of sexual issue without being obvious.

Idioms: Sixes and sevens; six of the best; hit for six.


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