This represent your mind and the unexpected things that can come from it. It also implies moods by its brightness or dull quality. Things in the sky that are threatening or strange depict the things on your mind that distress you or stimulate anxiety.

The sky is also huge and can show what an immense potential you have.

In some dreams things come from the sky, or there are beings in the sky who influence us or offer something. This may depict the subtle influences that play in our life. For instance our ancestors influence us unconsciously through the genes they passed on to us, but also in other ways such as behaviour passed down through the generations, and also in actual physical surroundings. After all, in general our ancestors, whether personal or national, build the framework and superstructure of the world we live in today. See: Ancestors.


-sneha 2012-03-02 3:42:10

I dreamt that me wid my family..I am taking them.. moving to some other place..some other world out of was soo different flying in sky..shifting from this world to other…things were not soo easy to settle der we had to struggle…

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