Snail Slug

If touched a snail withdraws quickly into its shell, and sometimes represents great sensitivity that makes us withdraw from life. So it can suggest such a vulnerability , or that you are hiding in a protective shell of feelings. withdrawal from reality, or from social or sensual contacts; or a ‘defence mechanism’.

The term ‘snails pace’ may also be used in dreams because of our associations as we watch it move. So it may suggests your slow moving progress.

EscargotSnails In France, Portugal and Spain, snails are used as food.

Vulnerability – its shell depicting defence against being hurt. For some people the snail would indicate feelings of repulsion. Probably repulsion regarding ‘squirmy’ feelings regarding your body or sexuality.

The snail is sometimes seen in dreams connected with babies. This is because in the womb they are so vulnerable and without a  protective ‘shell’. Also maybe because of the feelings of squishyness associated with birth.

Example: I dreamed that the baby I was carrying had come out of me (minus the blood) but in the shape of a slug (snail) and it was alive and moving. All of a sudden it started changing into a very small thin snake like form. It was so wild. And when I went to inspect it closer it wrapped itself around my neck to strangle me. Then I woke up in another dream right after in my bed and realized I had fallen asleep with my necklace wrapped around my neck. I was dreaming within another dream.

You interpretations about the snail and snake are right on because my husband and I are going through a miscarriage and I dont think I have come to terms with it yet. I just feel numb and detached. Thank you for your thoughts/means, now I can really work on these issues.




-Jhiira 2018-01-28 23:29:54

In my dream i go to toilet to pee, but i see that there is two snail in the toilet bowl.
There is two snails the other one is an ordinary snail, then the other one is snail with spikes and greenish with orange in the shell. I just see then i didnnt pick them but i said at my dream yuck.

I didnt pee i go to other toilet to pee

-Linda 2017-10-28 8:16:53

If you can help me sir, please do
I had this dream where I was carrying a big bag filled with big and small sized snail and another small bag with the remnant if the snail. As it wasn’t contained in the big bag. But I was happy , although the bag was heavy but i was able to drag it along without stress. Please I’m really curious. Thanks

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