The genital area of self; warmth, lightness, feelings. In the southern hemisphere: Coldness, darkness; death. In some countries, as in South America, southern USA, the south may symbolise different attitudes, as to the coloured population, or different ways of life.

The four major directions such as North, East, South and West also have unconscious significance, but this must depend upon whether you grew up in the northern or southern hemisphere. What is said is for the northern hemisphere, reverse it for the southern hemisphere. There are polarities in your nature. Two obvious ones are your physical body, that gives the appearance of solidity and is obvious to others, and your thoughts, that are not visible or apparent to others; also sleep and waking.

Growth in the South it is the time of Summer – unless you live in the southern hemispehere. From  the bloom we transform into the fruit of the labors.  It is the time of mid-day, the hottest part of the day, the part when the sun is overhead and no shadows are cast.. Maturing and growing into an adult to be that who was are. It is the time to accept the change and learn, to understand.

Red is for fire, passion, time of fertility. The South is the place of passion in all things, sex, fertility, mating – the fires that burn within. The direction of fire, like the phoenix  we can rise from the flames, we take and rise again from childhood into being an adult in the direction of the South.

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