To make a long speech suggests a desire to express yourself, to make yourself understood, to see your inner feelings at work in the world, to be acknowledged.


-Linda 2013-03-24 19:12:16

For the past few months I’ve been having many vivid dreams. This is not surprising to me since they follow a period of change in my life having to do with endings and beginnings. Most of the dreams I’ve had have been fairly transparent and easy to understand, however, not so of late. I have searched your site for every possible symbol to help me understand these dreams but found no related posts, so am hoping you can suggest something relevant on your site that might help.

Last week, I was awakened on two separate occasions – and only days apart – by a loud male voice. (I live alone.) There is no dream attached to these that I can remember, so I’m having trouble “hearing” the meaning of these voices and their messages.

The first time I was awakened by a voice shouting over noise saying: Bill is dead, Bill is dead. Several days later, the same voice woke me up shouting: Bruce Campbell, Bruce Campbell.

Now, I do have a friend named Bill, so was alarmed when I woke up. (He’s fine, I checked.) But when I woke up after hearing: Bruce Campbell, I wondered who the heck that was and google searched him to learn he is an actor (one I’ve never heard of, obviously, and whose face is not familiar.) Suddenly, it struck me that Bill’s last name also starts with a “C” so I wondered if the messages have to do with the initials “BC”. If so, could the initials refer to the province of British Columbia, where I lived for many years and moved away from two years ago, (and deep down would like to return to)?

I suppose a loud voice indicates that I’m not listening to or hearing someone.

A curious observation I’ve made about my dreams in general is that they seem to occur consecutively and in pairs: i.e., a pair of dreams in quick succession about (1) travelling through snow with a baby; (2) a new house; and (3) loud voices.

If you have time to share any insights on these dream (themes?), I would be most grateful.

Whether you have time to reply or not, I would like to say that I’m very glad to have discovered your site. I have visited (literally) dozens of sites on the subject of dream interpretation and yours is hands-down one of the best.

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