Unfeeling, like a stone. Unresponsiveness.


-Laura Lynne Watson 2018-05-19 16:48:48

I had this dream that I went to the beach with some family members & some friends. We were out walking around Avalon & the sky looked insane. There were tornadoes but they didnt move. I saw some vampires I knew but they didn’t look like vampires & they weren’t the ones who attack people. I was talking with a few & they said they had come cause of these statue things. They were there to protect the people as they were unsure of these statues intentions & they said they were aliens. I saw one of my coworkers was a policeman & he was urging people to go inside. I also noticed the beach was filled with water(like high tide after a lot of rain). I went back to my house & on the way I saw these strange statues. They were only the waist up(no legs) & they could move around. They all sat on these wooden half poles & were staring at people so when I saw them I quickly ran into my house & hid but I realized I went into my sister room cause I was in 125 but my room was 128.

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