Steal Stealing Stolen

Feeling that something is taken from you, or you are taking something, without agreement. Feelings of being unloved might enter into this, as you will feel you are stealing what is not willingly given.


-Kendal 2016-02-20 16:34:43

I had a dream that took place in the city where a girl stole something from a store and then ran off, but she kept trying to attack me. The dream takes place mainly at night/early morning. The majority of the dream was me trying to evade the girl and at first a group of people were helping me. An old man, 2 tween sisters and a dog. The old man owned the store that the girl stole from and he wanted to catch her. As we were looking for tje red head who stole the stuff we went over to the 2 sister’s mom who owned a clothing store. As soon as she saw us she was wondering what we wanted. I held up a light blue shirt with a heart that the red head had been wearing and the mom said it was from her store. Once the mom realizes this she closes down her store to help us find the culprit. We are able to spot her by splitting up and searching the city. Eventually she tries to attack me and I fight back by pinning her down momentarily and scratching at her. She rebounds by trying to push at me and kick etc. She has the ability to climb buildings with a grappling hook and jump from roof to roof. One of the girls who is a tween is wearinh a light blue hoodie and her and her sister in pink are convincing the group to go against me soI have to try to run from everyone else and eventually I am able to escape.

-Tina Naude 2015-11-10 9:02:59

Hi Tony, I dreamed I came into my house, and a lot of my belongings is gone, and the rest is piled up in the corner. but it was very upside down. what is the meaning please help its worrying me.

    -Anna - Tony's Assistant 2015-11-11 9:31:04

    Dear Tina – Your IP address shows that you live in or near Johannesburg and so I can understand your worries. I cannot know for sure if your dream is predicting the future; although I tend to believe that this dream is about your inner world only, because no burglar would go through the effort to pile your belongings up in the corner.
    Still it would not hurt to read this article, in case you have not done that yet;
    Unfortunately you do not share what you felt when you saw that a lot of your belongings are gone. The degree to which we identify with, feel connected with, and perhaps even defined by our belongings, is clear to see when they are either stolen, or abused by someone else. Belongings may therefore represent a number of things such as the way of life you have managed to attain; the pleasure you get; your interests and absorptions; your connection and affections for other people if the belonging was given to you by someone else, or has links with them; the various inner needs, attitudes and hopes you have;
    Are you aware what disappeared from your house (your inner world; ) and what do you associate with these things?
    Example: I start gathering my belongings, but discover my camera lens is missing (not the camera, but just the lens). I feel very sad. I ask if anyone has seen it and someone gives me one, but it doesn’t seem to be the same. It seems older, more worn. P.
    The meaning is usually shown in the dream by what you feel about their loss. In the example P. feels sad. So the lens depicts feelings of pleasure or ability which he has now lost and feels sad about.
    The rest of your belongings piled “upside down” could express your feelings about the loss; it turned your inner world upside down.
    To explore this dream for yourself you could use “Talking as each belonging that is missing”
    See also
    Anna 🙂

-Ema 2015-11-02 19:59:36

Dear Tony, I dreamt that I found a deodorant on the bathroom floor in the girls´ locker room in what appeared to be my old school. I was sitting on the toilet, reached for it under the usual dividing panel between public toilets, and rolled some on despite in real life never using deodorants (we use magnesium milk and never shop for deo). Then the owner of the makeup case where the deodorant was in came into the bathroom and noticed the deo was missing. I kept quiet but felt like a thief and wanted to return it but she left too quickly and then I woke up puzzled!

-Catherine Akers 2013-10-02 16:58:41

Hi Tony: I had a dream last night, and I have searched your website for possible explanations. I would appreciate your specific insights. In my dream, I was inside a 2-story house (I did not recognize the house from my “real” life). There were no other people in the house with me. I noticed that certain small items in my house were misplaced or missing. Later, upon returning to my house, I discovered that several items had been stolen – specifically several beds. The robber did not steal the typical items: jewelry and electronic items, but rather entire beds. I had no interaction with the burglar; he/she seemed to come when I was not home. I did not feel fearful, but rather uneasy and violated. Thank you for your expertise; your website has been helpful many times in the past!

-Naomi 2013-06-10 9:13:17

Hello Tony, I had this strange dream last night. My brother had somehow convinced my siblings and I to go steal art from what appeared to be a wealthy person in our community. I don’t think it was out of need, but he just made it sound like a good idea. We able to go into the building, which looked more like a warehouse, but as we tried to leave, we realized that we were surrounded and had been found out. We got caught, but my brother couldn’t be found anywhere. I remember pleading with them, telling them that we are good people and had never been caught doing something like. I was also trying to use the fact that our dad had recently passed away and as such should be released and not taken to jail… but no one seemed keen to listen. But there was a friend who was there trying to plead our case. We finally were taken to court and it was as though the whole community was there, including my extended family. I still couldn’t find my brother seeing that he was the one who convinced us to steal in the first place. I can’t remember how the dream ended, but it was a little disturbing.

    -Tony Crisp 2013-06-18 8:18:24

    Naomi – It is obviously that the influence you learned from you brother has led to you thinking about or doing something slightly against the rules of the community.

    The fact he then disappears shows that it was you that was guilty – although it was the ideas or habits you learnt from your brother that was influencing you. Maybe it was a family habit?

    In any case you can change the dream by using –


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