Stone Stones

To be unfeeling, heart like a stone, frigid instead of loving. To throw stones is to give nothing but hate and coldness, to be unsympathetic or aggressive. See Rock

Hardness, loss of feeling or unfeeling. A stone can also indicate something eternal, or long lasting. It can be an influence from the long past entering your life.

Digging up or finding ancient stone:

White stone: After all this upon a day I heard my noble Master say,

How that manie men patient and wise,

Found our White Stone with Exercise;

After that thei were trewlie tought,

With great labour that Stone they Caught;

But few (said he) or scarcely one,

In fifteene Kingdoms had our Red Stone.


Red Stone: The bringing of the vision into the life of the world, that is the true lap is philosophae.’


Idioms: Cast the first stone; leave no stone unturned; stone dead; stone deaf; blood out of a stone; stony broke; heart of stone; stoned. See: rock.

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