Violent emotions, fears and thoughts. Anger, terror, or release of pent up feelings in a dramatic manner.

But storms are caused by cosmic events – the action of the sun, the earths cycles influencing the wind. So something important, a force of Life itself is acting on your inner life. You may feel it is something to be avoided, but if you meet it without fighting it, it is your own enormous energy enlarging you. See Tsunami – Wind – whirlwind twister or vortex


-Laura Lynne Watson 2018-06-05 15:32:41

I’ve had many dreams of storms over the years, but there are a few dreams where the storm looked exactly the same. Dark purple clouds with pink & lavender lightning. Last night I had a dream of that same storm but this time I was lying down on my right side watching it calmly outside. It was directly above me & in most dreams I am scared of this storm. I saw 2 bright flashes of light in the sky which drew my attention from the storm. Then I saw another flash but it stayed & I realized it was the sun coming up in the east. I sat up & saw the end of the storm, like a giant blanket being pulled away. I just remember the entire dream was so peaceful & when I saw the sun I felt this warmth & happiness radiate out of me

    -Tony Crisp 2018-06-06 10:06:28

    Laura – You appear to be going through a wonderful inner change in which you are no longer afraid and so inwardly you will also radiate confidence and peace. See

    Maybe also view

    But a dream is something that comes from a deep part of you; it is something that is working upwards toward being conscious. As such it often, like a seed, takes time to break through to the surface, and then it has to grow. So often dreams are not recognised for their full meaning until later – sometimes months or even longer. The dream images are attempts to communicate something that has probably never been thought about or even been consciously realised before, so has never been put into common conscious thinking. It is a communication from the depths, from beyond thought, and so any interpretations that are given by thinking may completely miss the point.

    But the source of the dream, which is a process of Life, is intelligent in its own way, and will take part in any attempt to communicate. So exploring your dreams by entering into their imagery and attempting to understand them will be a two way process.

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