If it is straw used in farming, it might suggest clearing up a mess left by animals, or a cleaning and giving a better environment. If you have been around horses or farms when young it might represent the fun side of you, or the courting and loving in the straw/hay feelings.

It might also link with your feelings about farming or keeping livestock.

A drinking straw: Most likely the fun and pleasure you got from learning to drink through a straw. Or the experiment and tricks you learned with the bendy straw. So experiment and learning and fun.

Straw hat: A natural form of protection.

Straw roof: A basic protection from difficult feelings and change.

 Example: I am in the front garden of my parental home, where 4 cages with rabbits are standing on the grass. They all look well, the cages being filled with fresh straw. I put some sort of a herb in one of the cages and the rabbit starts eating it right away. I realise that some of them do not like to eat the fresh food and therefore it was still there.

Example:  I had always looked to my dreams as a guide and for such a clear one not to happen really shook me up.  I felt quite lonely and abandoned, for the only thing I had that seemed to link me to a greater consciousness, to God really, seemed to be built on straw.

Example: He follows me out of the restroom. He likes me and wants to get together. I carry straw flowers and a strawberry. I throw away the strawberry. He is very happy and says, “Oh look. She threw away his strawberry and kept my straw flowers.” Somehow that means I favor him.

Idioms: clutching at straws; the last straw; straw that broke the camel’s back

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