May refer to infantile feelings, as in sucking at the breast. Or may symbolise being a sucker or fool.

But sucking on a comforter is the first level of eating, and eating is a great life instinct, and is active at all levels of our being. The next step is to suckle the tit. At first this is simply getting ones needs given. But it develops into a relationship with someone other than oneself, and leads on in some way to the major change where one has to get out and dig ones own potatoes in one way or another. Again I felt sure that many people get stuck in the stage of wanting the tit to be forever held out to them, and never actually going out and digging their potatoes.

 But not having feelings in suckling may suggest you are not able to feel the enormous hunger and maybe pleasure a baby has, so I suggest try it again and again.
Example: As I was experiencing this that this i saw or felt this tiny part of my being was being cut off from the umbilical cord before the process of growth in me was ready to survive independently. I was too tiny to be able to feed properly in any other way. So the pain in my solar plexus was caused by an immense hunger, a sense of loss, a feeling of being cut off from the flow of life, from the flow of life that gave me existence. And it was painful. All I knew was a longing to be reconnected to the umbilical cord once more. As I understood this I then imagined this tiny part of me being connected to my own flow of blood so it could be nourished. It desperately needed that sense of connections that feeling of nourishment and life flowing into it. And when I did that, when I imagined that connection, I could feel it relax and the pain of hunger and the fear of dying subsided. Quite quickly I could feel it developing. The impulse to suckle was emerging, but still a long way from being established. (The next day while listening to F. I felt twitches in my lips and mouth, and when I allowed them my mouth made the beginnings of a suckling movement. I realised that the tiny part of my being that I contacted was already beginning to develop and its process of growth was going on within me even though I was only barely aware of it.)


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